Trading Insults

I'm worried about the standard of insults being exchanged currently, the standard seems to have dropped lately. It also isn't necessary to stampede straight to the impuned sexuality of the intended victim, i.e. "you rancid raving kiddy fiddling hom" or his relationships with goats, always try and hold something in reserve. Low key stuff is also good, especially if the target nugget misses your point in company.

So please buck up and use this thread to practice and fine tune your insults you bunch of rancid raving kiddy fiddling homs!
'I would like to say I enjoyed your post like your missus enjoys your cock, but like her I am rather let down by the content and thrust of it...'

How'd I do?
I'd love to throw some insults around, but am in a self imposed 48 hours of being nice because I know it freaks people out more and Shurdyhurdyfest thinks I can't do it.

Not that I'm very good at insults anyway, well not on the same scale as 5A or Fally.
Your mother buys own brand biscuits.
The man said start low and keep something in reserve. Which bit don't you understand?
It was tongue in cheek, like I was with your missus.... well, if cheek was her anus and tongue was my cock.... :-D

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