Trading and Working Hours clash

Why do trademen and plumbers banks, shops insist on working office type hours, it is ridiculous, I had a heating company who is supposed to see about my boiler, they wanted to come down the very next day and in office hours, BUT I am at work with no chance to organise time off, they really do expect me to drop everything and be there !
this brought me to mind about a disscussion I had with a mate about this, it seems if you work in a shop or a bank and want to get things done, the only time to do that is in your Lunch break, so on either side of that the main street is very quiet, then you get all these mass of Lemmings rushing out at once and queuing everywhere in the afternoon.
however if the Bank and shop staff have meal breaks at the same time nothing is getting done.

there needs to be a MASSIVE culture change, whats so hard about staggering your hours , banks can open 1 or 2 hours early and close 2 hours later on different days, same for office staff, council workers,, late evening opening, early morning , with even a 2 hour break in the middle of the day like a siesta on different days, with trades men being able to do evening work at customers when all the family is home form work, school etc, the same tradesmen would have free mornings if they wanted it.
if everybody did this life would be a lot easier, no rushing around and everybody will have more leisure time and productivity would be the same.

thoughts Gents.........
Semper, you have a very bad attitude. You are very lucky that these people even consider doing work for you. Don't you realise how much of a favour they are doing you by lettingg you have that 'feel good' sensation about paying for their mortgage, holidays etc.

My gripe is courier companiers. I arrive home at 7pm to find a note saying that an attempt was made to deliver a parcel and that they will try again tomorrow. As if that gives me time to make arrangements with work to accommodate them the next day.

Let's deal with all our problems at once - Revolution. Arrse Peoples Committeees i/c.
At least you have free access to kiddy delights when you want them.
The reasons office hours are as they are apply equally to every other job, I'm afraid. If you want other folk to work unsociable hours, you either pay extra to accommodate their wage increase or accept that they have less money to spend on the goods and services provided by your work, as a result of the hit they'll take to accommodate you.

It's a bastard, particularly the scamming buggers at Royal Mail, but we're all just one big happy whole. Or should that have been 'hole'?


So you want others to work unsociable hours to accommodate your 9-5 lifestyle. Nice of you.
actually mate, I don't , I work 11.30 to 1930 Mon to Fri with occasional Sat work.

The point I am making is flexibilty, if everybody can shift their hours round. they can make time for most things.

it does seem illogical that office and shops open 9 to 5, those same office staff will be unable to go to shops, the shop staff are unable to go to Banks, offices, Council Tax, Utility locations and when it is lunch time everybody seem to rush out at once.

I know that its how it has been done for years and it is inefficient use of time and resources.

time to shake up methinks
Well I work to live...not the other way round, course I'm 'an ol boy' so strange as it may seem, I like to see my kids, G/children, wife all in one place, makes me feel part of a family...remember that word.....I'm a tradesman, being old I don't need much sleep so I'll happily start at five a.m./ seven p.m at your neighbours, you won't mind the banging/drilling/scraping will you...??
If your shops are only open 9 to 5 yuo must be living in the outer Hebrides . There can be nowhere on the mainland where yuo're too far from the shopping area to find shops that are open until at least 8 at night and in most cities and large towns now there are 24 hours shops. And the number of shops now open Saturdays and Sundays is amazing. Perhaps all those other tradesman etc don't want to work unsociable hours.
Banks, fcuking Banks are b@stards for cr@p opening hours!

Why cant banks open 11-7 or something, half staff do 9-5 half do 11-7, I wouldnt mind paying a wee bit extra for that.


on Are you losing it? A wee bit extra indeed. We are already being screwed for the abysmal service they provide now.

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