Trading Alerts

One for the IT types.

I keep receiving Trading Alert emails, each time from a different source. I cannot return the emails to sender as they do not exist.

I have been forwarding the spam to the companies concerned and they are equally annoyed. I received the foolowing reply from on such company:

"Please accept our deepest apolgy for any inconvenience you have suffered.

Degreko Holdings, Inc. is a publically traded company and just as vulnerable as other publically traded companies in situations like this. Degreko has not sanctioned these emails. We have been trying to locate the source, but the emails have been bounced over several foreign proxy servers and have had the headers forged. We continue to do everything we can to stop these emails, and we apologize again."

Can anyone suggest a solution for I am an IT f*ckwit.

I get about 10-15 of these a day. If your mail provider has spam protection, ensure that you put them in the spam folder or report them as spam. Theres not a great deal else you can do as they always come from a different (false) source.

Alot of the time the message is in the form of a .gif picture attached to the email. You could try setting up a mail rule that any messages with attachments of type .gif go into a different folder. That would at least keep them out of your inbox.

But still make sure you report them as spam, it helps the mail companys filter software to work better.
One thing 'NOT' to do is to use the 'unsubscribe' system. All that does is confirm the existence of the mail address and that mail is picked up. Most of the free e-mail systems like Hotmail/Yahoo etc have the ability to block senders. Use that instead. Many e-mail filters and spam filters are circumvented by changing the headers etc so that the originator is hidden or disguised.
Some e-mail filters use words to find spam. But as you may have seen using different ways to spell the pertinent words are used so even that fails.
If you have Outlook Express, you can automatically block such shite!

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