Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fordy01, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. What trades can you go into if you join a TA Infantry Batallion even if you change cap badge?

    Do you have to complete CIC or do complete trade training?
  2. Does not make sense as its presented as a single question; set out your current circumstance.

    If you are joining fresh then you will need to complete basic training. If you are transferring capbadges with the idea of retrading, of course; you have do a complete trade course... Its not a case of changing capbadge and being told "Congratulations former X, you are now a Y."
  3. Infantry Bn's have several non infantry trades only some of which require a change in capbadge.

    CMT, as a medic you can now cary on serving as an infantryman without changing capbadge. Although further progression might require a change to RAMC.

    Cooks, I think you will have to change to RLC for this.

    Storeman, most are infantry capbadge but some might be RLC (within the Bn that is)

    VM, a change to REME

    Armourer, another REME trade

    Driver, no change necessary

    Driver Radio Operator you can stay as an infnatryman and do these.

    Clerks, illustrious members of the AGC who ensure wo dont get paid on time, if at all.

    All present and incorrect, correct whichever the case might be within a TA Infantry Bn.

  4. Cardinal my boy-----
    You have forgotten the bestest trade in the infantry.....