What are the Driver Lineman and Communications system operator trades like?
What can I expect to be doing in day to day life?
Do they both offer good civilian recognised qualifications?
Which one would you choose and why?
Driver Lineman seems to offer good promotion?
Anyone on here do one of these trades?
Thank you.
You'll spend most of your days making brews for the techs, who rule the roost.

Seriously, and this isn't meant as a slight on Lineys, if you can get Comms Sys Op, go for it, as it'll stand you in better stead for later life.

Unless you like driving for Eddie Stobart :)


Thanks for the quick reply, and yes these have both been offerd to me, why does everyone say you will be making brews?


Lol, whats the differnce between these two and a Driver/Communications Specialist in the RLC then?
Ps I have used the search button btw.


Lol, but seriously what are these trades like especially Driver Lineman? Two trades in one muct be good?
of the 2 comms sys ops is a better choice. driver lineman/storeman has only just started to be run out of blandford and is still being tested and adjusted, have you thought about electrician they are now pulling decent civy quals like IEE wiring regs (17th edition) and PAT


I havent been offered the Electronic Warfare Systems Operator trade on my job sheets, which are based on my barb score and predicted grades.
I got 66 on my BARB test, and apparently you need 60 to have all jobs open, without grades i'm guessing.
So anyway if I get the needed grades and asked my recruiter about the possibility of choosing this trade what do you think he will say?
Ps I will ask him but not yet.
they will point you to whichever trade has a shortfall at that time the best thing is the signals now have a new recruiting video made last year that explains all the trades ask to see that.
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