Trades within the Army that ACTUALLY have a daily job

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by DesktopCommando, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Got a mate who was a Driver that did bugger all, then transfered to Postie and is currently in Exercise & Ops ( which means does bugger all, if not on the title ) and basically is getting head fucked about being in the Army and wishes to transfer to actually have a purpose in life, is there anything that I can suggest to them to that actual has a daily purpose to get on with

  2. Infantry
  3. How about he looks in to doing something for himself, instead of expecting someone to give him something to do.

    Plenty of courses available. Perhaps he could become a mil skills instructor and jack up some real time training for the boys? Or perhaps he could enrol on a educational course, I know of several lads who have retaken Maths and English GCSE for example.

    Or he could tackle the OU>

    Does he do any sport?

    Or will he retrade and then just get 'head fcuked' because of some other minor detail?
  4. Planty always working
  5. Chocolate Frog

    Why do something for yourself when you can whinge on ARRSE instead? you know full well that in the Army people will do it all for you!!! (By the way, for those who dont get it the last few lines were sarcasm)

    Good advice mate
  6. MSI64,

    Just staving off the enevitable.

    "My mate, was a driver, then was a postie. He now a [insert trade] and all he does is work all day. He is getting 'head fcuked' by the army because he joined for sport, PT, Adv Trg and the Green stuff."

    A post that is sure to come.
  7. well im a supply con..log sp... whatever I am ! and do have a daily job, I've given her idea's but instead of the Army losing someone who feels that she isnt going anywhere, and is getting slowly depressed. I wish to be a mate and give her some idea's so Im sorry if you would like to bash me and whine on, but I do like to look after my friend regardless and would like to see someone have some happyness and not see their life go to waste.

    So my question is, where is there a good job that engages the mind on a daily basis (not just on Ops).

    ..and just like everyone else, everyone tarnishes the RLC, so I would like to give her other options.
  8. So tell her to get a grip and start looking for other things to do. if she goes to another trade then she starts at the bottom of the ladder again.

    courses both Mil and civi, Adv trg, secondary trades, or here is an idea volunteer for a tour so she can do her job for real
  9. She could be a clerk and work all day. And most evenings. And be hated for it.
  10. We dont hate you Legs :D
  11. DC, your mate has already retraded once.

    If she goes to the RCMO and asks for another retrade, because she STILL isn't happy with her lot, why should we take the hit for training her up for TWO trades that she has decided isn't for her, and then pay out to train her again? And that question WILL be raised.

    Has she volunteered for a tour? Has she thought about broadening her horizons through Educational or Military courses? Has she thought about taking up a sport? Has she thought about attempting a course like PTI? If she is bored has she approached her CoC and (let's push the boat out) asked if she can help out in the other Sqns that may be working hard?

    After all she could say it was to give her some experience.

    Or she could just be whinging about being bored and, yet again, thinking the grass is a different colour somewhere else.

    Not knocking you, just your mate.
  12. I know some female clerks who worked all day and was loved by half the LAD it's amazing what low standards and alcohol acheive :)

    I have known several drivers who got themself's attached to a LAD they wern't short of work some retraded to REME VM and one even got her track qualifications on CVRT as a driver.
  13. When I got posted to BAOR German... I got bored with my lot... I trained in the NAAFi bar to a Regimental Pisshead..... many years of 'hard work', quality training, and mucho Wonga... I eventually acheived this goal.... I even went to some 'sordid places' that me old Gandma warned me against... including taking drinks offen strange men in the Corporals Mess..... :roll: :p

    My Co even thought I wasn't fit to be an Nco... to he took me fooking tapes offen me.... Now that thanks for all my ardent work and hard service to maintain the good old British Army standards of Drunken Soldiery as so espoused by the Iron Duke.... and our Victorian Forefathers..... :? :oops:
  14. Has your mate thought about going to the re-trading fairs that go on?

    As for trades that are always doing their job try:
    Cbt HR Spec
    Ammo Tech
    Driver (in most capbadges)
    Pretty much all of the REME trades
    R Sigs techs
    Resources Specialist

    That's just food for though.
  15. Pretty much all of the AMS do their day-job for real.

    If she's a postie surely she's doing her job if not on Tour?