First sight to-day of the Trades Review Report.

At last..someone who talks bloody good sound common sense. Challenges the management to ensure we finally grow out of soldiers first and become true professionals!!

Especially like the proposals for Aviation Crewman..there is hope after all.

Sgt pilot min rank...only about 20 years overdue. Nice one!

Recognises that QHIs are going to max out with AH and will need assistance from lineys..(those who are not elevated to demi god status by completing a basic methods of instruction course). At last, senior pilots, IPs and tactical demonstration by those who know!! Jobs for, last..something to get stuck into and recognition to boot!

EW and on, thats for me!!

Best bits for the Groundies...3 specialist streams, chance of early promotion, can go all the way in trade, instead of p***ing around jumping from Sigs to MT. Q blokes, RSWOs and MTWOs who will have spent some time in the trade and will know what they are talking about. Couple more WO1s to boot...Ground Standards..about time.

Training review...long overdue..SCC/JLC needs sorting  out. Might as well "clear lower decks" now in time for AH hitting the streets. Increased ROA..yes please, loads of groundies where I am, overdue upgrading waiting for courses. One qual for pay...bloody right..lads do the same job as a truckie, do they not? They get dosh straight away!  

Hopefully the treasury suits will paycut 2000 the lads properly this time round...will that be payrise 06 then?

Hope the Team get support for this and its gets the resources...things are looking up!!!

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Well done Trades Review Team if this is what is coming out.

Sgt pilot - and not before time.

QHTI, EWTI, GunneryI? Brilliant

Avn crewman - fantastic

Proper ground structure/pay/promotion/career. At last AAC getting with picture on this much overloooked area. No longer poor relations hopefully?

Lookng forward to seeing it but what are the transition arrangements and when will they happen?
Lookng forward to seeing it but what are the transition arrangements and when will they happen?[/quote]

Remember when you told the bird that you wouldnt come in her mouth??
As an ex-groundie, I felt it was a really sh*t job, with a really good bunch of people.

Lack of a decent career structure was at the heart of many of the problems (but sweeping hangers & cleaning aircraft didnt help....that wasnt what the ACIO said I'd be doing....... mind you I was a naive 15 year old at the time & would have believed anything..!)

So this review sounds excellent. Can't help feeling that its ten years too late though...

By the way whats all this Aviation Crewman lark?

Sounds Good!!

Obviously, some areas are of more interest than others, but it does sound like just the thing the Corps, and the people serving in it need!!!!

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