Trades open to the colourblind

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by a66as, May 27, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys i am wanting to join the army but i have a problem i am colourblind, does anyone know which jobs i can do in the army?
  2. yeah, none, shitbust
  3. A lad on my selection was colourblind, he passed ADSC but had to change his job choices. I don't think theres a great deal of jobs that are open to people who are colourblind, but there is a few. Your best off going to your careers office and speaking to a recruiter, they'll be able to tell you one way or another.
  4. Are you Red/Green safe? If so then just about everything is except pilots, signals, EOD and some others.
  5. My father wanted to join the RA as a teenager but was knocked back due to having colour blindness.

    He did however manage to join the R Sigs whereupon he promptly transferred to the RA.
  6. Mattric your a cnut! Your best bet is going to the afco. I was in the RA t.a for 3 years, which I shouldn't have been with my red green colourblindness, but can't see how it effected my role at all but thems the rules mate!

    You can all fuk off before talking about charge bags!
  7. The Royal Artillery accepts those that are CP4. I have a sheet kicking about somewhere that lists the CPs for each regiment/corps, although that is for officers...
  8. Oh Yeh a66as, there are different levels of cp, or colour perception, an optician or g
    ADSC will tell you your cp level
  9. Household Cavalry - CP4
    RAC - CP 4
    RA - CP 4
    RE - CP 3
    R Signals - CP 4
    Infantry - CP 4
    UKSF badged and attached ranks - CP 4
    AAC Pilot - CP 2
    AAC non-aircrew - CP 3
    RAChD - CP 4
    RLC - CP 3
    RAMC - CP 4
    REME - CP 4
    AGC: RMP/MPS - CP 3
    AGC: Other - CP 4
    RAVC - CP 4
    RADC - CP 4
    Int Corps - CP 2
    General List - CP 4
    QARANC - CP 4
    CAMUS - CP 4

    CP 2 = perfect colour vision
    CP 4 = defective colour vision, ranging from severe to mild

    The grading between CP 3 and CP 4 is done with a 'Holmes Wright Lantern'

    Again this is for officers and not ORs, although I doubt it differs that much
  10. If red/green colour blind you could not be a Military Railwayman (now RLC Railway Operator) due to being required to drive locomotives on the main line and the signals being colour lights.
  11. That's the stupidity of it. I am cp 3-4 and I manage alright with traffic lights. Being colourblinde doesn't make you a total mong!........well
  12. I know of one Military Railwayman who completed a German mainline driving course with no problems and was tripped up on a routine eye test later. (Posted out, loss of A trade, loss of A trade pay, possible loss of career etc).

    It was all to do with speed, braking distance, reactions to signals, risk factors and passengers number etc.

    For example mainline train at 120 KPH, 1000 metres braking distance or less, 100's of passengers, passing Red Signal at Danger (SPAD), possible accident.

    It would be helpful if any serving RLC Railway Operators can confirm the current eye sight regs, but I believe the eye sight regs are the same as the major railway companies for loco drivers here in the UK.
  13. It probably is different for ORs though. Depends on what job/trade the guy wants to do.

    Cant be a R.Sigs tech with a CP4 for instance and I am sure there are other examples.
  14. Being colourblind won't stop you joining up but, as another poster has said, you may have to change trade selection if you are CP 4. You won't know this until you've taken the lantern test.

    PS, Can I play you at snooker for money? :p

  15. When you do the medical and your results are entered onto the system it will automatically 'weed' out the jobs you cant do and hey presto..whats left you can do!! I am colourblind and it hasn't hindered me in anyway what so ever...I just wondered for ages why we had red landrovers!! :D
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