trades in the RE

Ive recently failed my tech course in the REME and im looking at re-capbadging to the RE however ive been told that they rarely do there selceted trades anymore?
My main trade of interest is electrician, so im looking for some advice please...
cheers matt.
Become a Sparky then, easy as that.

The Sparky I worked with in Canada was doing a lot of manual labour. But your first trade in the RE is always Combat Engineer.
I originally joined up as a REME tech 10 years ago, and then transfered to RE when I failed my techs course. Best thing that ever happened to me! See it through. Sparky is a good trade, but you'll probably spend a lot of time in a Fd Tp as a knocker.
mattlee said:
so to answer my question do you guys actually do your trade job often?
i do & i am a SPARKS.

you may spent time doing some Hesco to be fair though.
Does the fact that you don't know "there" from "their" give us a clue as to why you failed? Well our tradesmen do their trade quite a lot as it happens. Come on join join the gang.
ok thanks for the comments and sorry for the grammer mistake,
its just that i was informed by someone of a higher rank that the RE dont really need to do the trades they are trained to in this day...
once again thank you for the advice.

sparks is a good trade & very useful on the outside also.

i've been trade for the majority of my career & loved it.

go for it.

I promise you that I have done a few tours, Sapper trades are always needed. Try for a Field Support Sqn for the best trade work.
RoyalEngineers said:
Am I right in thinking Certain trades offer a varying amount of soldiering? I'm thinking of Electrician or along those lines..:p
you do as you are told to do, i.e. what is required at that time.
Had 4 trades Knocker, Sigs, MT and Sparks

Was employed as a sparky the majority of the time with the good fortune to spend six years (2 seperate tours) working as a civ elec attached to airfields.

I did the unusual way of going on tour and doing some Combat Engineering instead of the usual way of many artisan trades of knocking and doing some trade work.

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