Trades Biggest Whinger!!!

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Well one whinge then.....i was dying my hair so my nickname wouldn't be right and the chemist won't give me any peroxide hair bleach. She said it was something to do with security or the police. Does anyone know what they mean? Cos I don't really know anything about that stuff.
Rumour has it this thread has created a bit of a stir and Thing is being sought. :evil:


Firstly Thing should be have his ID protected. This is a supposedly anonymous board and if the anonymity goes, so will the freedom it provides.

Secondly, it should be remembered that people will hold opinions and will voice them if invited or allowed. If one doesn't like it, then maybe one should look inwards and wonder why it is being thought.

I don't personally have a gripe at the subject of the originasl rants or comments, but to exert pressure to have them removed from a non-Army, free posting board and be supported by a Chain of Command is wrong.

I will not be letting anyone know of my information about Thing. This is quite an important issue with regards to the future of a free ARRSE.

FB (if you know who I am, come and discuss it - I'm not shy!)
I'm not sure Thing needs too much support, a few more untraceable weapons or a new patio might be more suitable :wink:

If the whinger can't take a joke, or the truth, then I suggest he makes like a sheppard and gets the flock out of here!
hmmmmmmmmm, must have missed Things post, joys of being abroad again! Was it worthwhile or was he at last owning up to being the trades biggest whinger! It strikes me that half the things being moaned about tend to stem from the whingers themselves! Bomb Didcot!
Please dont, I like it the way it is. Full of pleasant well adjusted individuals. Check out cakeandarse. The truth is out there, just look for it. We are all just Tin Soldiers. Dont spend your life being shafted from the inside!!!!!
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