Trader jailed over soldier plot

DozyBint said:
Good news in principle, but as is my regular cry when it comes to court decisions, the sentence should be longer.
Agreed! Anyway,lots of nice things to do to keep a young man occupied in prison :lol:
And we all know that there are no former soldiers in nick so this young fellah will not need to be banged up in solitary for his own protection..........
I hope they send him to the Militiary Corrective Training Centre in Colchester to serve his sentence.
He'll only serve 3 years and will no doubt be hailed as a hero when he's out. Hope he has to share a cell with someone called "Nosher"
Ahhh devilment and caddishness, my two favorite passtimes, may i suggest White Phos too Biscuits?
Oh definitely, we could make the world move for the citizen in question, perhaps some Tinc Benz on the resultant burns would appeal?
Shouldn't this thread be titled 'Traitor gaoled over soldier plot'?

Cheer up people; he'll end up on Rule 43 with the kiddie-fiddlers and other assorted nonces, eating a diet of porridge enriched with ground glass and pish. No doubt at some point Big Dave from 'B' wing will introduce him to the pleasures of being the stooping half of 'prison-bent' whilst being ribaldly insulted by assorted cons.
pay per view milling with cpl byles without gloves of course. and the cply gets choice of perferred weapons
Put me down for a front row ticket.
For those of you who want to see what the fine upstanding peace loving citizen looks like can see a pic on the BBC website:

Anyone tempted to track him down and shoot him on his release is warned to do a better job of avoiding being nicked than he did. Not that anyone on this site would condone violence...
or we could just give him some live rounds for his converted replica gun 5.56 should fit in it just

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