Discussion in 'REME' started by Devilishdave, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. Whate is the best or most important trade in the Corps and why?

  2. VM - 'cos it is!
  3. NCO i/c Coffee Swindle or Duty Barman in the Wksp bar.
  4. Barman!
    That is a good one.

  5. Just to be diplomatic,

    i belive that all trades are of equal value to each other(tongue firmly in cheek), the question should have been what trade group does the most hours. and in that case it ends up being the VM's
  6. The most important trade is the one that is keeping the kit on the road.

    No point having an LAD ful of VMs if the guns on the tanks are all buggered is there?

    Likewise with the Sighting system - or if the 'Rover windscreens are all dirty (Well done inst techs:))

    We wouldn't get much done if we didn't have Tech Stmn or Recy Mechs either.

    But, metalsmiths are surely the most valuable - especially during the barbie season!!
  7. Road?! Road?! Try air, steam boy! You VMs are soooo up yourselves! Salt of the earth you may be but the average radish could pass the entry test at your level! :twisted:
  8. Lets be realistic you dont have to be that bright to pass the entry test for any trade in the corps!!

  9. Yeah nice hat too
  10. Clearly you're not that bright - I'm Tiffy Wpns.

    In the Real REME, 'on the road' is a slang expression for kit that is fit to use.

    If you have any further difficulties adapting to the real world, I'm sure people who are promoted on merit not time will help you out.
  11. Go on Nige :lol: :lol:
  12. Yeah, thanks for explaining that phrase Nige. Does stating the obvious cover a complete 40 min period on tiffy course now?
  13. Only 40 mins now? - feck me!!!!
  14. Nige has got it right again. I have to say that believe it or not many do fail the entry test for REME
  15. Isn't SATT at Bordon the most popular and common past time? Was when I visited anyway.