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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Abaddon, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey
    I was told on passing selection I'd be starting phase 1 in May, joining the RE communications, was just wondering how (if possible) I would go about getting a trade transfer to a fabricator if I find communications arent for me?
    I don't have the education required for fabricator (and the trade isn't taking more recruits for the time being, I was told) but I'm not an idiot, I took on a sheet metal fabrication course 3 years ago, but the company went bust.
    Would I have to serve my minimum service period before transfering, get the education requirements before transfering, etc?
    Any insight would be much appreciated
  2. hi m8, what i would is tell the careers office that if they dont give you the trade that you want, your not going to join, you can say this it doesnt mean u mean it :p

    i am a fabricator and all the guys i know with exsperience in the trade got "golden hellos" wich is a bonus of like £1000+

    the only reason they are trying to make u go communications spec is because not many people want to do that job.

    you dont have to have all the correct grade as they shaded my maths wich ment my grade wasnt high enough but they let me do it anyway.

    good luck
  3. Abbadon write a letter to your recruiting Sergeant explaining your situation. Dont bother using the correct spelling and chuck in a few 'text speaks' such as 'u' and 'm8' and he'll whip you into the fabricator stream faster than schitt through a goose!
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  4. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Looks like they ignored your spelling and punctuation as well.
  5. hey i am a solo bridge builder, i dnt need to be able to spell
    this isnt a school, he can read it
  6. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Oooh! Solo. I'm impressed. Crack on with your EPC or whatever they're calling it this week.
  7. Take a hint m8 you may thinks its cool and trendy now innit, but if you do make it to the dizzy hieghts of L/Cpl and above then it is actually a bit of an advantage to be able to communicate slightly better than a shaved gibbon.

    The Prov/Rasman dont like to see 'fcukwit' talk on an incident book if you have to write an entry whilst on guard/guard commander. If you do a cadre it helps if your lessons plans, best book etc are at in at least a reasonable state concerning written English and if you ever make it to Section bannana god help you if your recce report is full of indiginous chav pidgin english!

    No one is saying you need to be a proffessor of languages...but have a bit of fecking pride in the one you do use!
  8. Thanks for the insight, I've heard a lot of stories about people being in C3S and saying it's the worst thing they've ever done, not being able to find work in civvie street and their job being boring.
    Maybe I'll love the job, perhaps not, was just curious as to how I would go about re-trading if I felt it was not for me.
  9. theres only 1 intake for fabricator in 2011/12 recruting year , it was for 13 people and its allready full , so i doubt they would let you transfer.
  10. Abaddon

    Firstly I would always suggest that you join in a trade that you are interested from the start. If you want to be a Fabricator then join as a Fabricator and wait for a position to become available. I say this because you can not change your trade these days once you have joined and are in training.

    To join as a fabricator you need to have GCSE D in Maths and English and one other, preferably Science. If you do not have this then you would have to be 'shaded' which means taken on at risk. The success of this shading depends on other qualifactions, skills, age, attitude, GTI score etc.

    With regards to "not being able to find work in civvie street" as a C3S, there is extensive work currently being done to enable the Class 1 course to gain some very good civilian qualifications. This is in the early stages but should become effective with the next 12 months.
    The bonus with the C3S trade is that you are employed in a Signals troop as a signaller and will do your trade on a daily basis. If you join as a frabricator then you will potentially be posted into a Field Troop primarily employed as a Combat Engineer and will only touch your trade if your specific skills are required.
  11. There is also another bonus joining as a C3S; a £1500 golden hello after you pass your Class 3 because it's a pinch point trade.
  12. The current policy states:

    You may not change trade unless:

    a. You have the correct academic qualifications.
    b. NVQs and C&G in that trade.

    Also bear in mind, you signed to join as a C3S trade and if you were to submit a trade transfer request, then it is on an individual case by case. The likely hood being a NO. The Corps is very bouyant at the moment with both retention and recruiting, do not try and bluff a trade as they might just call you on it!
  13. Only if you join with the correct academic qualifications.
  14. What if I was to call them now and ask to go in for another trade? I passed selection with an A, so if I asked for a change would I have to redo selection, or just provide the right academic qualifications?

  15. I think you need to sit down with your recruiter and have a serious talk about your concerns. It sounds to me like you are being influenced by other peoples opinions regarding the C3S (Sigs) trade rather than the facts.

    You are loaded onto a Phase 1 course based on your trade training start date so if you do not join as C3S then you will have to be reallocated a new start date. You will lose your May start date. This is so you do not wait too long in between training courses.

    If you really don't want to join in your current trade choice then don't. You are only taking up a place that somebody else that does want it could have.

    If you do decide to try and join as a Fabricator (provided you can be shaded) then you will not be employed as a fabricator on a daily basis, you will be employed as a Combat Engineer. Why do you want to join the RE as a Fabricator? If you are just doing it to try and get your trade because you civvie company 'went bust' then i would suggest you may be disappointed in the future.