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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by dovit, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. hi all, just looking for some advise or info with regards to trade training. i start basic on 3rd december as RE fabricator. i am a fitter to trade and foreman of a maintenance crew in my current job. recruiting sargent said that i could be fast tracked through trade training due to my experience. just wondering if anyone knows more about this.
    thanks, any info would be great.
  2. Probably have found it easier being fast tracked as a fitter then, rather than a Fab?
  3. probably, but after so long as a fitter i just fancied a bit of a change. variety being the spice of life and all that!
  4. Do you get that promise signed and sealed?
  5. nope just took recruiting sargent and WO1's word for it! lol, just want to get on with the job asap.
  6. schoolboy error. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. 3rd december at lichfield?

    looks like we may be sharing a room :p
    not long now eh?
  8. i think so too, but it has been a while since school days!
  9. 3rd december at pirbright. was meant to be lichfield but place at pirbright came up sooner.
  10. When you get to Gibralter Barracks to start your B3 Combat Engineer course your troop with have a session with the Personnel Selection Officer to confirm trades etc. Speak with him then and he will be able to give you gen up advice.
  11. I know several tradesmen who have been fast tracked through trade training and even basic training (if you are ex TA) Before you start your trade course you need to produce evidence of past training ie city and guilds certificates etc. This will start the process of eliminating sections of the course. However, they may still want you to pass an exam/module or 2. The point is if they could say make you a class 2 tradesman via your existing qualifications it saves thousands of pounds in training budget and someone else can have you spot.

    You may find that they take none of your previous experience into account and want you to do the full course. If so, take it on the chin and during the course use your experience to bring on the other lads. And the bonus of spending several months at Chatham shouldnt be missed (I hear a good grasp of Eastern European languages and gypsy traditions will help you trap).
  12. thanks for all the info thanks a lot :D
  13. was down brompton this week hardly any doris' about & every pub was fecking dead except for the cannon, which we rolled out of after 1am. :oops: :wink: :oops: :wink:

    not bad for a wednesday night, cheers pauline. :D :D :D :D
  14. ..........livin life in the 'fast lane' again K ! The f uckin that the best you could do ? Wainscott Working Mans Club would have been a better bet.

    Knockers.....I've sh*t better things.

    (take care mate...days to do...very few!)