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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by smegal, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. hello everyone im new to the forum so go easy on me!

    Tried to join the army when i left school but got refused due to medical reason and told to re-apply 18 months later. Decided not to sit on my arse for 18 months so trained as an electrician. 2 years after finishing my apprenticeship ive decided to apply for the army again and have sent my application away today. I want to continue being a spark in the army and was just wondering if anyone out there has joined with a trade and continued it after phase 1.
  2. yeh, security guard!
  3. am sure even tho you have the trade behind ya they will still train ya to there standard's.....but if you got gd grade's look into applying for a officer
  4. Errrr he said he wanted to continue to be a spark. I don't see many officers working as sparks.
  5. Welcome to ARRSE, Smegal.

    With a technical background like that, the Army should bite off your arm! The job that roughly equates with your trade is in the Royal Engineers, but there are other possibilities in the Royal Signals and REME. If you are already qualified, the Army should check your qualifications and allow you to progress through the course at a faster rate than your colleagues. Note that you still have to go through training and pass the exams!

    Look at the Army's website and read everything you can find. Then visit the ACIO with your list of questions.

    Killergibbo is wrong about commissioning; if you haven't got A Levels, or the equivalent, or a degree behind you, you will not be able to follow that path.

  6. As a Sparky you will sit a test after Basic training and Combat Engineering training to test if you're up to Army Electrician Standard, if not, you'll do the necessary training all over again :twisted:
  7. Firstly is the apprenticeship you've done an indemptured apprenticeship because you maybe time barred to join and will see this on the AFCO4. Secondly even though you have passed an apprenticeship you will still need the correct Academic Qualifications for the CEG(job) your going for. Sometimes if the NVQ is good enough the Corp SPSO may give you a waiver but if your looking at a Sparky in the RE could be extremely hard as very limited on jobs availability aswell. Not to say that this could happen though so Recruiter would be able to enquire later on down the process.
    As said the Sigs have electricians but my Corp REME have now disbanded the Vehicle Electrician trade and Mechanic like me do that job now.

    There are lots of other options but you need to get the ball rolling and get up to date info from the recruiter, Im not doing the job anymore so they have all the up to date info in front of them. Good luck.
  8. Cheers for the advice IRON.
    I wasnt an indentured apprentice and have since left the employer i served my time with. i am self employed now but spend half my time chasing customers for money. I read somewhere else that there was limited jobs available in the RE. I am sure my recruiter will keep me right.

    Anyone got advice on similair roles?