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I've been in the TA for near on one year now (this November) and have been lucky enough to complete all required training (Started TAFS in Feb this year) and am going on to trade camp in November.

After much confusion with me and a fellow member of my unit, I re-approached my PSI to confirm the dates for said camp (after already booking the 10 days off work).

Now I'm being told that it could (and is very likely to be) 14 days and not as originally planned, 10. If my partner in grime hadn't asked for confirmation, we would never have known and it wouldn't have been until we were on the camp that we would have found out that we wouldn't be returning to civvy street until the following week!!!!!

Firstly, does anyone know if trade camp is actually likely to be the 14 days?? And secondly, is it common practice to give notice at the eleventh hour before sending us off to train? I've already missed out the chance of a lifetime training session in Poland (in October)!!

I joined up for a reason and I don't feel that it's being met! I'm being pushed further and furhter in to transfering but I'm hanging on to the hope that things are gonna get better (que cheesy background music by D-Ream?!?!?!)

Pick a bone, any bone, coz that's what it is!
Guess you RSigs, the reason why you were told 10 days is that trade training for RS (NC) Ops was 10 days ... but the trade has now changed to ICS (UK) Ops which is a two week course.
Cheers Polar, that (kind of) clears that up!

I just think it's a piss take that we're expected to adapt our civvy lives at the last minute. One of the main reasons I'm thinking of transfering is because I don't feel that we're (more specifically "I'm") being taken seriously enough. I'm not in if for the money (clearly), I'm doing it because I want to, am drawn to it and am passionate about it (I would be in the regs if it weren't for an op I had on my back!!)

Anyone else disillusioned? Or is this how it is accross the board?

I'm not blaming my PSI, as I'm sure there's good enough reason for not letting us know (perhaps the paper only landed on his desk recently) but this on top of everything else, has made me take a step back and consider my options!
Well I only found out about the change through this website (the trade name has not been formally agreed yet), I think many in 2 (NC) Sig Bde had other things like the Regiments restructuring on their minds.

Quite a few units will still be suffering from people being mobilised and things aren't running like they used to be, hopefully it should start getting better.
I know that this was on the cards for at least the last 3 months and all 2 Sig Bde units were told at the same time. I think the decision was made at a Bde conference which all Regts Trg Majs (or is that Ops Majs) anf YofS's attended as they agreed to the change at that meeting. Indeed paperwork has gone out from the Regt running the course already.

So your PSI should have known at least 6-8 weeks ago or else your Trg Maj/YofS are not passing the detail down and letting you know!
Have any joining instructions gone out yet?
I know of at least 2 instructors who are unsure of what they are teaching or IF they are teaching.
I've not seen a thing on paper about new trades or training objectives, which means individuals can't be correctly advised as to what is involved in their trades.

We need the information to start flowing fast or people will not make the correct arrangements ie: work & family.


The change to the New trade camps starting from November is for a two week period and is being used as a tester so i guess there will be lots of PXR points from this one.
The Bde has planned there camps with dates till next April and this info has been passed down to units who have then passed it to Sqns.

The best i can suggest is to badger your PSI to find out the info for you. If you are dissolusioned keep your chin up and get yourself a trade and then if still unhappy look for the things that you want to do. Courses, Exercises (Mil/Comms)

The ISPECS and TOs are being corrected and prepared now by various parties. Most of the subjects are the same as the old ones but updated. Each Regt will now be providing instructors (Reg and TA) for their own relevant unit equipment.
Flasher said:
which means individuals can't be correctly advised as to what is involved in their trades.
And that would be important to trainees and instructors :? Oh yes it would be.

Last I heard the revised TATO's had been sent to Blandford for approval, just checked ArmyNet and nothings on there.
I know the feeling mate, i joined TA last December. I am ex regular Royal Anglian 7 years just under. I joined specialist unit at Grantham- only done tafs 1 in january and spec course 3 in june so far! Complete shambles in my opinon like you may transfer or sack it? Done 2 op tours with regs like you stated disillusioned with it so far. Still no Mod 90?? And no flashes for my jackets told PSI sounds to me like hes NFI(NO F***** INTEREST!) in my problems! I have put in for transfer with local unit 70 Yeomanry Sigs Sqn. See what happens here in!

Polar - it's not quite just a matter of a rubber stamp from Blandford you know or it wuld have been done by now....... honest. The changes to the trade names/training objectives etc have not been finally agreed yet so of course they can't be published officially. I do understand the frustration believe me as I have seen the trade names change at least four times in my TA career.

The change to a 14 day course HAS been known amongst the Bde's regts for some time now. To the OP - sorry but your Regt/Sqn chain of command has let you down somewhere there - it isn't "eleventh hour" as far as the Bde is concerned.

As was said above, this is intended to be a trial and I suspect it may be the one and only 14 day trade camp you see. I accept the point that it takes more than 9 days to teach the course properly but there are other ways of achieving that without having to do it all on a 14 day camp.

2 Bde units have been asked for feedback on what they think is the best option and I am aware that some have said return to 9 days but have pre-course modules that can be taught in Regts to a set plan and which have to be passed - and probably then tested on day 1 of the course - before starting the trade camp. That way everyone who passes goes away at the end of trade camp with a qualification.

BTW for the original poster - if you've booked 10 days off work doesn't that actually cover the time you need? A 14 day camp only actually involves 10 days away from most civvy jobs (unless you work 7 days a week....) Trade camps were only 9 days anyway not 10......

I didn't intend to moan (for a change), I'm only just still in trade but I'm getting the impression (mainly from the Sigs forum) that a change is going to happen (certain trades combining) that means I do yet again do a trade change. A bit of a selfish post yes, but tech didn't interest me but something similar with a strong IS slant may do (whats going on ..... argh!.. should I aim for FofS/FofIS/FofICS?).

If/when I know/am able to tell you on here I will!

Scary :D
scaryspice said:
2 Bde units have been asked for feedback on what they think is the best option and I am aware that some have said return to 9 days but have pre-course modules that can be taught in Regts to a set plan and which have to be passed - and probably then tested on day 1 of the course - before starting the trade camp. That way everyone who passes goes away at the end of trade camp with a qualification.
Its not really that easy to run modules within regts, in theory it would be great(ideal) if recruits could be sent on a post TAFS basic comms course. However those in recruiting are those who want to do mil skills and not do comms, which would mean you'd need to allocate extra people to do the comms part.

Working with other regiments to pool resources isn't really possible in my unit as our nearest NC neighbours are in Scotland or south of England (too far away for weekend trg).

Most people in my trade are welcoming the 2 week course, most thought it was slightly too short but ask them about trade training in general and they'll mainly whinge about the class 1.

I've signed off 10 days unavailable (using 6 days holiday) as the original course dates were 04 - 14 November but with the extension I would have to take a further 4 days off (and work have others taking holiday around this time so I may not be able to book the extra dates - hence missing out on camp!) - If I'd known it was two weeks in the first place, I'd be just as happy to have done it.

This added frustration is just mounting on top of other issues as I'm giving my full commitment to the TA and feel like I'm getting nothing back (by this I mean satisfaction et al).

I appreciate the turbulent environment in which the TA is structured but I've known situations where someone was supposed to go on a course, they'd booked the time off work and then the course was cancelled when they got to they missed out totally. (although they were offered a different course when there!!)
Cavalier - I have every sympathy with your situation and you are right about the cancelled course thing - that has been discussed elsewhere in this forum. Fact remains that it's the chain of command in yr Regt/Sqn that has let you down here, not "Bde changing it's mind again at the last minute" as some might think (and no I'm not on the Bde Staff!)

If you possibly can get the time off, do still go - we need people with your commitment in the Bde at the moment - good luck :D

Polar - see yr PM
polar said:
scaryspice said:
Polar - see yr PM
and in one fell swoop, Scary shuts up my class 1 whinging for ever. :lol:
I hope not Polar - sometimes it's the only way a soldier knows he's alive - he's stil whingeing :D
It looks like work are going to give me the required time off, but I have to put in extra days to make up the time.......this better all be worth it :roll:
IMO I don't mind the length of courses as it gives those who aren't the crunchiest buscuit in the tin, and those who are, a chance to go over things and let everything sink more drinking time in the bar ;)

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