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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nufc_rulz, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. how long does it take to train for a trade????
  2. Which trade are you interested in.
  3. pioneer or ammo tech
  4. Im a CMT in the RAMC and all our courses last 2 weeks. I would assume the pioneer course would be of a similar length of time ammo tech might be a longer course. Ask your PSI.
  5. If you are TA then pioneer is possible (not sure about length of trg) - Ammo tech is not possible as you have to have served as a regular AT to join the TA squadron.
  6. The Ammo Tech trade has been open to new entrants with no previous experince for the last couple of years.

    We also have vacancies for Sup Specs, and Sup Cons. If any one is interested, please feel free to get in touch.
  7. How long does it take to train the average TA Ammo Tech from scratch then?
  8. If we can get the School of Ammo to run the courses every year, you should be able to qualify as a class 1 Ammo Spec in 3-4 years. Plus you tend to get faster promotion in our unit.
  9. What about Shriv?
  10. It's all done at the School at Kineton and in house with the Sqn.
  11. That sounds a bit worrying!
  12. No, safe as houses. Want to give it a go?
  13. eh.. the reason I know of Shriv etc and that I think the TA bit sounds a bit worrying is that I have done the Reg course (the 16 month one :wink: ) and don't want to even start to think what subjects might be missed out on the TA course - other than none of the academic background training done at RMCS!
  14. The role changed after Options For Change in 2000. We no longer have to deal with IED's. Part of the job is ammo maintenace, insepction & repair from cradle to the grave. We also do disposal by Dems and CMD/EOD tasks.

    We have a pretty good cross section of skills, with Ex reg AT/ATO's, as well as people in the private expl industry, MOD and Shriv.

    How long have you been out of the trade?
  15. I'm still in the trade, I just havn't known much about the TA side of it - Well, well. The things you learn that perhaps you should know eh?!