Trade Training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by acheekymonkeyuk, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. How long can this take to be "trained enough" to be eligible for a Tour, Im joining the RLC as a driver
  2. ask your PSI!!! :D
  3. Surely the definition of trained is being qualified as B3 ?
  4. as far as im aware you have to get your cat c license first then the b3 course and your then trade qualified
  5. It depends on what licences you already hold, whether you are also need DROPs training etc. From enlistment to trade trained can be done in less than 6 months if your unit is switched on and you have the time to spare to do consolidated TSC(A) stright onto TSC(B) straight into licence acquisition and then RLC Driver Class 3, unlikely to happen in this timeframe unless you are unemployed though.

    As above ask your PSI.
  6. thanks guys,
  7. Depends on corps
  8. My response applies if you are joining an RLC unit, perhaps not if you are RLC serving with another Corps (who won't have the intructors in unit to get you through your licences and trade)....
  9. it will be a RLC corp i join
  10. rlc driver according to first post
  11. Thing of the past soon anyway.

    Once we all get onto the GCM and merely deliver basic mil skills as a 'generic soldier', you won't have to worry about Trade Training.
  12. guess I don't get any points on observation skills then
  13. I currently have a standard driving licence,
  14. all depends on licenses i think
  15. It really depends what you mobilise to do.

    If you mobilise to do an RLC Job - IE do your trade in theatre, then yes a B3 will be requred - thus Phase 1+2+Trade.

    However, if you elect to go on tour with the infantry as a Rifleman (as many do), you may well be eligible on Phase 1+2 only and not be required to do trade. I know of people who have taken this route, through desire to go on tour and lack of desire to wait for a trade course to come round. - though this wasn't RLC.