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Trade switch after Phase 2?

Before i begin i have had a good search and i cant find a thread on here or google to answer my question so here it is.

Firstly i passed my selection this week, got a good grade and had fun! Im going for a chippy in the RE as im already civvi qualified. So i sit in a good position on the waiting list for a start date but my recruiter said if i do drop out of the top 20 (not likely but hey ho) i can still join the RE as a brickey (2nd choice) and just change the trade back to my 1st option before the trade training begins. As i love carpentry and im quite handy at it so this was good to hear, but is this actually possible? The Cpls/Sgts have been a great help so far in the recruiting office but it just made me wonder.

Sorry for the long winded post but explaining my position before my question might make it clearer to understand, cheers all. :)
To be honest you are better off getting out of being a chippy if possible. The Corps is savagely overmanned with Chippys, around 160% or so so that means promotion from Spr to LCpl and LCpl to Cpl is going to be bloody hard for the next 5 years or so until the numbers start to thin out a little.

I started off as a plumber but retraded a couple of months into the 0-2 trade course as I didn't like it. That was 13 years or so ago and I think things have changed since then. Stick to your guns if you are determined about retrading. Failing that ask to join as a fitter (a pinch point trade) and you get a nice £1500 golden handshake upon successful completion of your 0-2.

Hope this helps.
as P_L says promotion may be slow HOWEVER if you already hold C&G you MAY be able to gain Class 1 status straight away after assessment at Brompton, if they still do this.

your choice at the end of the day BUT again as P_L said .... stick to your guns, it's your life.

good luck.
1 RSME are a lot more wilco now about trade assessments than what they used to be. If you have decent NVQs or City and Guilds they are more than happy to run an assessment which lasts a few weeks to test your ability. It is chepaer in the long run as its cheaper than putting you through 2 long courses when you are already qualified.
Hi, thanks for all the replies.

It has given me a few things to think about, especailly being multi-traded it could benifit my future goal of being a clerk of works (long shot but id like to give it a go) as it would mean i have more exp in the trades and may have an extra edge on others who would be going for the same thing. Im not trying to skip training by any means, but if me being already skilled opens up a slot for someone new to the trade that can only be a good thing, waste of funds etc. I will have alot to think about during my time leading up to and during basic but thanks again to all who replied. Has given me some options.

Cheers, mike.
Mike, if you are thinking of joining and eventually becoming a Clerk of Works make sure you get it registered with the recruiters and get a copy of the paperwork to back it up. If you do get round to passing the Clerk of Works course that piece of paper will be worth £1500 or so!
Firstly i passed my selection this week, got a good grade and had fun! Im going for a chippy in the RE as im already civvi qualified. So i sit in a good position on the waiting list for a start date but my recruiter said if i do drop out of the top 20 (not likely but hey ho) i can still join the RE as a brickey (2nd choice) and just change the trade back to my 1st option before the trade training begins.
Firstly, well done for passing selection. Unfortunately the advice you have been given is not the best. Do not enter the RE believing that you can change trade further downstream as this is very difficult to achieve these days (although not impossible!). You should only enlist with a trade that you are prepared to be employed with and not rely on changing at a later date. You are likely to end up disappointed if you do!

Being a Carpenter & Joiner will not disadvantage you in the promotion stakes in spite of the overmanning in the Corps. Promotion is based on merit first and foremost and not an equitable spread across the various trades or based on where the shortfalls lie.

The Golden Hello mentioned for the Fitter trade is actually £2500 on completion of Phase 2 training but as a C&J with a Level 3 qualification you are also entitled to £2500. Your recruiter should be aware of this and needs to register for you. Currently, if you qualify as a Clerk of Works you will receive an additional £4500.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
Sorry Headless but promotion, especially Spr to LCpl and LCpl to Cpl is very much trade related.
Unlike before when you passed your cadre you either got picked up on the square or waited X months and then you got it, you now HAVE to have a PID to promote into. PIDs ARE trade related. C & Js are 100% + manned so unless you come top you are going to be waiting a while to get picked up. It's not so bad for LCpl to Cpl but Spr to LCpl there is a howling pyramid at the moment and it's going to take a few years to clear. Welcome to how planties, drivers, fitters etc have it because there are simply less posts in a Sp Tp than a Fd Tp.

This is straight from the horses mouth (MCM Road Show) which we had last week.

Congratulations on passing selection and welcome to the Royal Engineers.

Changing Trades
I'm sorry to say that your recruiter has given you some poor information. You can not change trade once you have started training. There are numerous reasons for this, all of which will be explained to you once start training but you do not need to know about now. As Headless Panel Pin said, you should join in a trade that you want to become, not one that you think will get you into the Corps quicker. This path will only lead to dissappointment down the line. If you want to be a C&J then stick out the wait and be happy with the trade you are in.

Golden Hello
As per Headless Panel Pin, if you have the qualifications then make sure you get your recruiter to do the paperwork regardless of whether you want to go Clerk of Works or not. He/she should give you a certificate which you will hand in on completion of your trade training.

It's true to say that the Corps is currently going through a structure change, as is the whole of the MOD. I would say that you should focus on getting through training and into your first unit before worrying about promotion. By the time you reach the field army, 1.5-2years from now at least, things will have changed again and you can plan your future from there. Plant Life is correct in that the promotion path has changed at Spr-LCpl level and that you will now promote in your trade stream. However, if you are good at your job and keep your nose clean then you will promote in turn just like all the other trades.
Cheers for the replys again thats very helpfull. I wasnt aware about being registerd i was told when i hand in all my qualifications on arrival (NVQ lvl 3 C&J, plus various other bits and bobs H&S mostly ) it would all be sorted from there.

I will have a word with my recriuter when he gets back from his hols. I know i should have probably waited untill my foot is in the door before i started to ask these sort of questions but its nice to get a heads up now instead of making myself look a teet down the line with regards to trade switch ect. But you never know untill you ask, also with regards to promotion its not really a priority to me just yet. Being in a secure job and of course getting through the 14 weeks basic is my 1st goal but its all nice to know for the future.

Thanks again for all the advice, i know it must be dull answering civvi's questions all the time so thanks for you're time.
With NVQ Level 3 you should be able to get a trade assessment for Class One as that's the qualification that C & J class ones used to be awarded. Make sure that when you have your PSO interview at Minley the PSO is fully aware of your civvy quals.
Well i was told that according to my current grade i will be allocated one of the 1st 20 slots in the next intake. But i was also told that me being already qualified wont speed up the initial entry process. So aslong as my score stays in the top 15 odd i should get a date pretty soon, well at the end of this month i should find out. Fingers crossed anyway.

But im only going off what the officer at selection told me and what my recruiter has said so it could turn out i have a longer wait than i have been led to believe, but who knows. If i do have to wait a bit longer the extra time will be well spent on extra training so its not wasted :)
The only way to get a place sooner rather than later is put in a really good show at your selection i.e max effort on the phys and come across as a team player. Good luck by the way.

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