Trade rivalry over pay

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by KrustyTheCrab, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Does it exist in the army? It seems Pay 2000 has caused much bickering amongst fellow crabs because many non-technician trades have been elevated to the higher pay band and the techies are revolting due to the loss of pay differential, arguing that service pay should be mirrored by civilian rates of pay. Do REME feel this way? Should a technician be paid more than a cook at equivalent rank?
  2. The way i see this is we should all be on the same pay at the same levels.
    In Signals we have a big divide where Some trades are higher pay bands and lower but at the end of the day we all do the same amount of work and work to the best of our ability (well some people) so i think for e.g the drivers or ed's within our corps should be all on the same. Technicians still get ther promotion to Lcpl for passing there trade which puts them a step a head of anyone and then basically get there full screw after about 2 years serving in 1st unit and and passing there class 2. So on there side there is never much moaning but we still winge about them.
    I think it's unfair been on differnt wages.
    After been deployed on herrick and people of all different trades all doing the same job we should be all on the same wage (levels) if you know what i mean.
  3. Are all the trade courses the same length of time? IE. Does it take as long to train a driver as it does a tech?
  4. I've given up even bothering about it.

    Either you are happy with your lot or not.

    If you are on lower and want higher, re-trade or work your nuts off to get promoted.

    (Only my humble opinion of course).
  5. No not at all,
    Driver lineman used to be around 4-5 months i believe.
    Where a tech maybe 10 month and a operator when i went through was qbout 8-9 month.
    Alot of people choose there certain trades and some are obviously told your doing this cause they don't meet the standands for becoming other trades, but my point is this for e.g
    Driver lineman on exercise drives to location sets up, then waits for operators to site there comms etc then the lineman get busy and depending on size of exercise etc could end up laying 100's of k's worth of line, then after that having to go round and dig it all in, some graft anyway. where me been a operator im in the back of my truck already with my playstation on and making brews. Thats the luxury i have cause of the trade i am and same with the technicians they do even less than me. We get our advantages from that, we made the grade to be our trade so we get those advantages but the lineman just cause he didn't gointo my trade shoudln't mean he doesnt get paid the same amount of me. He works just as hard even harder on exercises and turn arounds and things like that so he makes up for his wages there.
    Hope you get the point im trying to make, get used to me typing crap i jsut go on one's
    But anyway all in all i think everyone shoud be on same wages in my corps anyway. we all earn it in a different ways
  6. I would kick your arrse if I was your ED :roll:
  7. Wow! What an idea. People unhappy with their trade pay should re-trade to a higher paid one? Why not just whinge about how they should be paid more? That is traditional.
  8. Things have changed then. We used to work as squadrons/troops and everyone helped to get comms in and working. That included laying line, antenna sighting and cam etc.

    Do you really play games while others are still sorting comms out?
  10. :cheers:

    Noted and fixed for you. :cheers:

    I do agree BTW.
  11. I just find the whole issue boring.

    We all knew what we were getting into and if it doesn't suit, do something about it yourself.

    And by the way micheal, you had better hope you don't ever get me in your unit, my may get a shock :wink:
  12. You sound like an old (and very good) OC of mine.
  13. I'll say getting old :roll:

    Bracketts as a compliment, but certainley not a orriface, got a hole in my arrse and still have a spine (my downfall). :D

    Roadster, agreed. We do all have different jobs and time moves on, but if I ever seen what he wrote happen, things might go bump in the night...............
  14. We aint that Jack, If a liney is coming by the det he will get help we dig in our own cable let him crack on and brew is always offered well was on my relay in the day lol. ED's didn't need them for AC already had it.
    Used to sneak the pioneers in the back of the det during the winter in bruggen when they were meant be be on stag now they are grafters, they pretty much deal with the whole build of ARRC HQ then poor sods stag on, always made sure those lads were sorted out with hit brews when lying in snow then coming in det to get warm from my det heater hahaha
  15. Interesting that it is an issue with some in the army, but not the obsession it seems to be in the RAF causing many to PVR citing better pay and conditions in civvie street. Personally I think separate basic pay bands are divisive (from someone who was on the highest pay band). I have seen cases of insubordination across trade boundaries using the excuse that higher pay cancels out extra rank. I favour the system they have in US forces - every rank across each trade/branch/service receives the same basic pay for their rank to which special/qualification/theatre pay can be added.