Trade RIPs

For the grief and ghouls who seem hellbent on crayoning RIP after the passing of everyone do us a favour

Click here

And give £1 instead, it would say far more about you, and it would genuinley showed you give a sh1t.
old_fat_and_hairy said:
Tax_Tw-t said:
theoriginalphantom said:
Which arrser is mostly likely to die next? I want to get value for my money.
Sounds like an invitation to run a dead pool!

OFaH - Evens
Oh thank you very much! Nice to have a vote of confidence.
wouldn't it be nice to be first in something other than finishing sex? (apparently shouting 'I'm coming ready or not' isn't romantic)
Every time you walk past a poppy seller you should donate, purely in recognition of what they are doing, the time they are taking out to do it.
A visible "thank you" for their effort

Doesn't have to be a lot

The BL donation site can be autofilled by your complicator and takes about 2 minutes of your time

No real excuses


I've contributed to the condolence threads about a handful of times.

Twice because I knew the blokes personally. The other couple was earlier in the year, when casualties were being reported daily and it got to me a bit.

Other than that, I leave them alone - I agree there is not much need for one-word "RIP" responses. If you have a genuine dit about the deceased, or even advice for the family concerned (contact groups, etc), then fine.

I'm off to the Legion on Saturday all being well, i'll contribute then.

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