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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by gazza1591, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. I've read through a lot of threads on using trades in the army, and i'm just asking is there any point in joining the army as a chippy, bricky, or whatever if those certain trades don't even "use" their skills. I'm just wondering not critisicing im wondering whether or not to get an apprenticeship when i leave school soon, but the army seems to offer a whole lot more, but if the qualifications aren't the same as civi. is there much point in getting a trade in the army, my bro started work as a sparky and met an -ex re sparky, and he told my brother the qualifications weren't the equivalent to civi, so at age 28 he had to take the exams even though he could rewire a house inside out. im more interested in chippy or bricky but was wondering, and double checking is there much point, if your going to be building bbq's ive heard some people say. what do u actually use your skills for im wondering? any answers would be greatful thanks.
  2. You are very Welsh my friend.
    Can you do do me a " there it was, gone" please.

    Sorry to be of no help what so ever.
  3. Can not advise you on what quals you get now days but I got shit loads of civvy quals as a sparky and spent the best part of 20 years out of my 24 mainly doing my trade (Sparky)

    I even spent 6 years working with/for civ companys on airfields as a sparks.

    Saying that I also know some wo have done trade training and never touched it since (some through choice others through posting)

    If you would like more info just holler I will answer if I can
  4. Im in a situation like you accept for i know im going to join the army as long as they will have me and im hoping to be a sparky if you couldent tell.
    Everyone ive spoke to says you get the same quals as you would if you were a civ and that you either use your combat engineering skills and neglect your trade or the otherway round. But i think the reason that you dont use your trade all the time is because you have 3 roles within the army, and i am also in school like you and im hoping to go to the AFC Harrogate (in sept) which is the Army Foundation Collage were you get some more quals. But as i said im not in yet. So im only saying what i have heard. Hope this helps.
  5. Gazza. Why not Do a few years in Civvi street, get the Quals via an Apprenticeship, give the company a bit in return for a couple of years then join up later? Nothing to say you have to join straight from school.

    Tradesmen in the Corps are in the predicament they need to be in the right place at the right time to pick up the trade related tasks. Not every unit will get a construction tour every year...
    Theyre bid for.... I guess a bit like drawing straws amongst the big bosses.... Trouble is too, that not every tour IS a construction tour, some might be Ops doing something completely different.

    Primarily an Army is for warfighting first. as such the R.E. supports such things as our primary role. When we're not involved in things like that, not in preparation for things like that and arent being posted from a Unit coming off Ops to a Unit going on Ops, we may pull a Construction tour..assuming the big boss chose the right straw out of the bunch..
    That's why our tradesmen dont get the time on the job.
    That aside, check my sig pic. 3 parts to being an Engineer.. the Trade part is the Tertiary part of the job in reality. The first two parts being linked to the Army/Corps primary role of warfighting/Supporting warfighting.

    (yes, yes.. I know we also do a nice line in fire fighting, flood relief, ceremonial duties etc, etc, etc)

    *edited for mong spelling*
  6. Join even if it's just for a few years mate. And even if you don't get much experience in your trade, when you leave, you'll be able to make up for lack of experience to a point using other skills you've learnt.

    And tbh, I did construction a couple of times whilst, and the people who'd not touched there trade for ages were normally ok after a few days - and it's not unheard of for people to use there resettlement and final lot of leave to do work experience with a civvy firm.

    Plus, you'll learn the fine art of blagging, winging and cuffing (adaptable is the civvie street term I think) :D
  7. i appreciate your answers, it's just a hard decision to make. I don't want to have to quit jobs and switch i just want to make the best decision first time round and stick to it, just really don't know, civi life or army.
  8. Gazza1591, Don’t over analyze your situation! Do you want to be a soldier or not, that’s the question. What happens when you’re in is complex and has many twists and turns. There isn’t one sapper around who can say, he knew how his career would pan out.

    The Army will never be what you expect and will certainly never live up to your expectations. But it will give you variety, challenging situations and the opportunity to make live long friends who would lay down their lives to save you!

    If you think you’re up for it. Give it a go, remember you can actually get out if you don’t like it. Soldiering is not for everyone but in reality anyone can do it, just at different levels!
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    I would reckon that just about every Squadron in the Corps (less EOD) will have had some form of constuction task over the past couple of years

    Gazza - Just sign up mate. Witchfinder's post is spot on.
  10. Well out on ops right now, and the fieldies are constantly building HLS pads, HLS runways, Hesco Bastion, Sangers, Accomadation Blocks, when that's all done, they move on to another one, and of course, I know this because they have to send sitreps to the sigs gods.

    And in between times they've been lobbing smoke and getting lots and lots of rounds down, blowing compounds up, creating fields or fire..etc

    Also, I think the quals are the same a civvi now, it's all NVQ's and all that, and you'll probably get you're B1 quicker than most of the oldies here because it's all bums on seats and the army get paid for putting you through it.

    If I were you, I'd do it, I wish I had taken an artisan trade...
  11. I did my sparkying way back in 85 when there was still an apprentices college, got into man service and hardly touched it. However that didnt bother me, I was a knocker and loved every minute of it, even turned down a posting to Corp of Lights (called something else now I think).

    I dont need it where i am now but its nice to know that with a refresher course I have something to fall back on if needed and at the end of the day who knows what life will throw at you. Get a trade fella.
  12. Bastion is hardly 'construction' where bricklayers can lay bricks though. Infra and FOBs aint construction really?

    They did a fair bit of concreting though :wink:
    and put up a couple of three tents... :wink:
  13. Ah, yes, I have a bone to pick with 48, FB.

    After just coming off a nightshift, heading back to the tent, which 48 erected nearly 2 years ago, I was about to get my head down, until I walked into the tent, and the place was absolutly flooded. I had to spend all bastard day digging small trenches and channeling to get the water out. And that was only 1 nights worth of rain. Then replacing having to rip the flooring out to place down some egogrid, then put the flooring back. Then it was time to go on the night shift again. :(
  14. Bout time you earnt your pay NT
  15. You probably wouldn't get out of bed for my pay.