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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Megaton, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    After doing some reading on the General Fitter trade, it seems as time passes you do less and less of your actual trade with Combat Engineering taking precedence.
    What i want to know is, from the start of phase 2 trade training, is your trade the main focus until you have achieved the NVQ 2 Engineering Maintenance?
    Then can i continue straight to my specialisation to earn my NVQ 3.
    Is 4-5 years to get my NVQ3 realistic, or would i be too busy with the other sides of the job?
  2. When you go to 1 RSME to do your Class 2 that is pretty much all you will do for 9 months, less a bit of guard. From there it depends on where you are posted to. If you go to a Support Troop or a workshop you will do more trade than combat engineering. If you go to a field troop you will do mainly combat engineering. From there you will wait around 2 to 3 years before going on your Class One. As a fitter you get to specialise between Fitter Equipment (engineering construction plant), Fitter Utilities and Petroleum (fuels and water) or Fitter Machinist (making stuff). It's up to you what you want to go for although I rreally don't think there is much call for machinsts at the moment. Fitter Equipment will get most trade work but there are also some really good posts for U & P's.
  3. Are you already a Sapper? Have you thought about REME instead of RE?
  4. oi you,no poaching!!!
  5. REME - Royal Engineers Minus Education. :-0
  6. Heh,heh.
    Fair one. I shall say no more. I always preferred Royal Engineers Made Easy .........wedgy!
  7. Megaton heed what Plant Life has to say as he has his fingers on the pulse of The Corps currently.

    i am ex military nowadays.
  8. They still got Fitter Machinists? Too right there won't be a call for 'em. All I ever did was engrave brass name plates!