Trade Proficiency Development Booklets

Discussion in 'REME' started by Alslad, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. How many of your class 3 Crafties are actually turning up with the TPDB? Do SEME still issue them?
  2. Quite a few. Just had this problem with a VMA and a Tech Stmn. Spoke to SEME and they were very helpful and said that we must write a letter of explanation as to why the soldiers had arrived without one in their PDR and only then they might consider sending the relevant paperwork!!!!

  3. Hi Alslad

    I've just finished my basic armourers course (Retraded from VMB)
    Was issued the book near the start of the course in workshop procedures and Femis on Unicom. I knew what it was, and that i had to take it to my next place but for the other lads its not made very clear that they need to take it to their new place.

  4. I really only see the point of them for all trade's bar one, recovery. That's the only trade where your class 2 can depend on one split second decision, however, with the ceasing of recovery camp soon (???) then the good old recy mech may soon need to rely on the booklet?
  5. Steady on tiger,
    The recovery FTX is about as far from being binned as it could be. True with the introduction of the TPDB there is theoretically an avenue in which a recovery mechanic could get his(or her) class 2 without attending an FTX but these cases I would suggest, and hope, will be in the minority. The main problem is that there is mass confusion as to how the TPDB is used, this has not been helped by conflicting and confusing documents being disseminated from DEME(A). This is especially prevalent in the recovery world. When the TPDB was introduced for the recovery mechanic some 2 years ago, its completion was a pre-requisite to attending a class 2 course, now with little change to the booklet it is their class 2 course. We are also in the position where some soldiers have attended a recovery TTX and even after completing all of the modules still left without being a class 2. The principle of the TPDB is a sound one however, we must ensure it reflects the criteria for the course and not start to add in things that have little to do with trade classification.
  6. I thing that the reccy camps are an awesome idea i just wish other trades used the same sort of thing the difference you see in the lads coming back from reccy camp is unreal they are more confident more assurtive and depend on there seniors much less unlike the VM world were as a half decent class 2 vm your juniors look up to you for guidance and help every second of the day its not right.
    Plus if your in a LAD you cant even fill in half the booklet cause half the kit you will probably never see.
    I was lucky when i first turned up at my unit as i had a class one that was "old school" i had to learn from my mistakes and the humiliation that i would get if i messed up bring back the "old school" methods of training !!!!