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I've just finished my 0-2 sparky trade at Chatham and am not sure if I get more money for it or not. I've heard various asnwers so far. A full screw at Chatham laughed when I questioned him, but a pal who's been trade trained said he was getting an extra £5 a day from it. I've also heard that if you do your trade before your B2 tick test course than you won't get any extra cash for it or vice-vesa. I suppose the best way to find out would be too see how much money I get paid at the end of the month.
edited for going into waaaaayyyy too much detail!!! and sounding like an AGC knobhead.


you get a pay rise for completing either your A2 or B2. whatever comes first. same applies for A1/B1.

and it doesn't affect the date you normally get a pay rise anyways.
Yeah, obviously you go up in Combat (B's) and trade (As), Ie Sparky 0-2. So you get the pay increase every time you go up a level. A B3 (Cbt) gets an increase for his A2 Sparky or whatever, but a B2 (Cbt) wont. Is that clearer? Not as detailed as cdn_spr because he headfcuked me!


I don't understand why the Army can't just make this clear when your doing your trade training. When you ask the civi instructors they don't know shit, and when you ask military instrutors they can't remeber because it was either so long ago when they went through it or it's all completly changed.

As long as I'm getting more money though.

So does this mean for evey pay rise you get its a move up the increment level as far as courses go?
errr.....headfcuk time again!!!! basically your a2 and a1 pay are the only increment increases you get from courses. After that heady plateau has been reached, you'll get an increment raise every year until A) you top out in your pay scale (ie level 7 for sappers)
B) you get promoted, at which point the date at which you got the increment increase changes from the date you passed your B3 (your sapper pay you could call it) to the date you got promoted. for example, my IDD date was 14 of nov, the date I passed out of my B3. I then got promoted on the 28 of Oct so now my IDD date is 28 Oct.

took me ages to figure all this shite out so if any of that doesn't make sense let me know!

but end of the day...more money.


took me ages to figure all this shite out so if any of that doesn't make sense let me know!
No I think I'm still following you, I vaguely knew how the increment level went up but it's made it clearer thanks.

Got one more for ya though, heard about getting extra pay for being posted out to Germany, "Over Sea's allowance" I think it's called. Any idea roughly how much it'll be.

I'm sure I'll get properly briefed on it when I move out there but you know how the army have a way of making you understand, but at the same time completly loose you. It'll be helpful If I roughly understand all this so I can work out my first pay statement and where shits coming from /or going :?
Local Overseas Allowance.

No idea how much, I know it used to be roughly a fiver a day. I assume it's taxed as well. Never been posted to germany so thats the extant of my knowledge!
Hi. I'm one of the nicer clerks you can get. I'm posted with 33 engr regt and I get this question all the time. You will get a pay rise (go up a pay band) once you pass youre trade (a2) you will also get a pay rise once you complete youre b2. You will not get a pay rise when you do youre a1 or youre b1. You don't get this because under pay 2000 you are only allowed 2 fast pay band jumps and they are taken buy youre b2 and a2.
Hope this helps. Any probs let us know :D :D


My good god the plot thickens. So I won't move up an increment level for my a1 or b1 if I get the pay rise for my a2 and b2, but I will get get the pay rise for both my a2 and b2.

Bugger I think my brain just fell out, cheers though.
unless it has alll changed under pay 2000/1/2 it used to work as follows:

b3 to b2 = pay rise.

b2 to a2 = slight pay rise.

b2 to b1 = pay rise.

b1 to a2 = same pay.

a2 to a1= pay rise.

then everything is promotion based.

like i say unless things have changed that is how it all went for me.

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