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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Heywood_Jablowme, May 10, 2005.

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  1. Heywood_Jablowme

    Heywood_Jablowme War Hero

    can anyone confirm the rumour that artificers/yeomans/cl.of works are getting band 4 pay at the end of course? it seems only fitting to do the course and reap some financial benefit, if not, hopefully one of the AFPRB are reading this and thinks that this will be a good idea!!
  2. boney_m

    boney_m LE

    If you complete a supervisory course as a Sgt, on completion you will be promoted to SSgt and put onto the correct level appropriate to what you were earning as a Sgt.

    I completed a supervisory course last year, and there were several SSgt's on the course. They gained absolutely no pay increase what so ever, as we are on higher range already as SSgt's. I imagine that the confusion comes from being a Sgt or SSgt lower range and completing a supervisory course and moving onto higher range.

    If, Say, you are a Royal Signals Technician SSgt, on lower range and you complete the Foremans course, you should map directly accross onto the higher range (pay 2000 following on work allowing). Its confusing, but suffice to say it is possible to complete a supervisory course and gain no pay increase what so ever.

  3. Heywood_Jablowme

    Heywood_Jablowme War Hero

    essentially what i'm saying is that the incentive to go artificer is not as great as it once was, although it is the progressive path to commisioning and for further education, i.e. the hnd is a stepping stone towards a degree, thats fine in the short run, however, at the risk of sounding mercenary, money is what it's about at the end of the day, and that is the greatest a tech storeman can rise through the ranks, get commisioned, as can a regimental specialist, but the bread and butter of the corps are those who are technical and the danger is 'if he's getting the same pay as me for a less demanding job, then why can't i change trades?', i realise i'll probably get flamed by the rs but they are essentially man management and are slowly being filtered out of the system, which will,imho, ultimately be to the detriment of the corps, but as for the tech stores people, it isn't as demanding as being an artificer or even part of the black hand gang.i appreciate too that metalsmiths are perhaps the worst off as they are the trade which does beyond it's duty and are given the ceiling of ssgt, which many will agree is a travesty.
  4. jakeblues68

    jakeblues68 Old-Salt

    MTSM trade has the option of WO via re-role to shipwright, not everyones cup of tea but essentially all trades have the chance to get to WO/Commission whether it be the Tiffy route(feeder trade) or the perfect pyramid.

    I do agree though, Tiffies should get a little extra in the pay dept, but then I am biased somewhat :)
  5. watertight

    watertight War Hero

    Christ, all you do is fckuing whinge in every post! AFPRB will not read your post and think it a good idea. They will probably say 'fckuing dick' just like I do.
  6. Heywood_Jablowme

    Heywood_Jablowme War Hero

    why don't you become a moderator or something,i realise that you are the forum's vigilante, however,you are too ill equipped in the battle of wit.Your brain is emptier than a hermit's address book.
  7. squarepants

    squarepants Swinger

    Well said Heywood, I agree with your threads entirely by the way. As boney said though, there is currently no extra pay for artificers / yeomans / cl.of works etc. Thankfully, I haven't been affected by this P2K anomoly whereby although these trades haven't lost any money they have lost the large pay increase they used to get prior to P2K (that's a pay cut to me). It must be frustrating to see certain other tradegroups doing the ration return and duties list for the same pay as you. Hopefully it may change in the future, in the mean time we've got to hope we don't get monkeys for peanuts.
  8. Nige

    Nige LE

    Tiffies are on higher band, artisans are on lower, that's the only incentive in the money dept. If progresion through the ranks and better potential for commisioning is what you want, go tiffy again.

    BTW I have never heard of a MTSM going Shipwreck, that's worse than going tiffy weapons FFS :)

    Bring back the old system so I can be Band 7 again is what I say!!!
  9. jakeblues68

    jakeblues68 Old-Salt

    I know at least one possibly two in my time Nige, they do try and poach from the MTSM trade too.
    Welcome to it though, getting hands dirty? yuk! :lol: :lol: