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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by BeJaCo, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Well you see ever since I was kid I wanted to be in the army, now when I was young I did not know about trades and such, I just thought it was all running around and rolling in mud.

    Well obviously now I realised that its just the infantry that do that full time. so when i told my parents and friends that I wanted to join the Infantry they gave a long lecture on how ''only yobs and skin heads join the Infantry and they are cannon fodda with no career''.

    So they nagged me to get a trade and thats what I told them I am going to do. But my heart is still set on the Infantry, I mean i tried telling my parents that being a infantryman isnt that bad as it is what makes half our armed forces.

    So is it possible to get something out of the infantry to carry into civvi street? Also I heard somewhere that if you have determination and the right attitude people can fly through the ranks quicker than any other corps in the British Army.

    Any help would be very much appreciated
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If you have to ask the question sonny - go trade.
  3. Thank you Auld-Yin

    Infantry is a calling , not a job
  4. PTP - if we all followed our calling - we'd all be gynaecologists!! :p
  5. Have fun in the Infantry and regret not getting a trade later when your in a factory/warehouse job! :D
    That's what happened to me :lol:
  6. Go Infantry, and work on a PHD in your spare time, like Lairdx.
  7. go infantry till you retire, easy then you dont need to do anything else
  8. heard loads of infantry and ex infantry guys say they wish they'd done a trade never heard an engineer say he wished hed been infantry.
    Go royal engineers then go for 9 squadron and you can have airborne tattood on your c#ck and roll in the mud.
  9. I served in the Infantry and now I am thinking about joining up again as an Armourer in the REME. I wouldn't go Infantry again. Basically, I've done a few years of learning how to attack and kill people, so I will be fine if Civil War breaks out etc(!) Anyway, I have a great interest and experience of working with firearms, so if I'm joining up again, it's REME, that way I get some good quals too, and perhaps most important, I will be in a job I enjoy. Don't do what other people want you to do, do what you will be happiest in. You could get a few things out of Infantry to go to civvie world, but not half as much as a trade. But the best thing you will get from Infantry is confidence and toughness.

    As for flying through the ranks, the Infantry is one of the slowest parts of the service to get promoted. But if you get promoted in the Infantry then you know you worked hard for it.

    So my advice is, if you only think you will do colour service in the army, then go Infantry, you could always rebadge after 4 years and learn a trade. But if you think you might do a 22 year stint, then learn a trade from the start.

    Edit: Just because you are not Infantry, doesn't mean you can't do any Combat courses.
  10. I used to be inf, but now a scaley and I love it. That's just my personal preference though. I'm virtually guarenteed a reasonable comms/IT job when I leave. I got the old DV vetting jacked up which helps as well.

    One of my lads has just picked up his third stripe and he's only done 7 years, so there's potential for quick promotion everywhere (no he's not a tech).

  11. Or join the RLC in the supply trade and still end up working in a factory/warehouse if the infantry haven't got the vacancy's first
  12. If you have quals, GCSE's ect then whats to stop you getting a decent job after the army anyway, does your life depend on getting a trade in the Army?


    Get a trade in Civi street...

    What to stop you going Infantry, doing a bit, earn a medal or two then change capbadge to REME or join the Sigs?

    Simple as kiddo, the Army is yours for the taking, make sure you get both hands around it.

    Whats to stop you doing Infantry, coming out and walking right into the Police force? My cousin just did, the police love ex servicemen, especially Infantry...

    It's always trade this, trade is really not a problem.....unless you lack comon sense...

    It comes down to you and where you want to go after the forces...
  13. You should be thinking what can I bring to the army not what you can take away from it. As an infantry soldier or grunt what ever you want to call them you will get management qualifications if you are any good at it. You will almost definitely get your HGV or C licence there are loads of other specialist trades available in the infantry alone.

    In the Corps you will get better specialist qualifications, which will be more likely to lend them selves to jobs on Civi Street, but it is not always the case.

    REME tend to go any where the front line unit they are serving with and do both trade and soldiering.