Trade Manning

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Forsaken_Child, Jul 30, 2004.

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  1. Has anyone got some new figures at hand about what the manning is for all the trades now? Is the glut of techs starting to ease, are the IS ops getting anyone, are the EDs starting to full up again etc...
  2. IS Ops and ED's must but short, as they are they seen to be the main trades being moblised in the TA.
  3. Polar,

    What rank ranges of IS Engr are being mobilised by the TA? And do the TA have the IS Engr trade?

  4. LCpl to Sgt (SSgt?) - Mix of techs and RS Ops (Home Defence/NC)

    No we don't have the trade, the ones being called up had some IS training earlier this year (but not a great deal - 4 weekends).
  5. I saw a roadshow from Glasgow the other day. We are about 200 or so over the top in top line manning figures. We have about 450 too many techs at Class 2 and 3. The 250 shortfall is made up of EDs, IS Engrs and Tech Sup Spec.

    Not sure if the quality assessment boards are having an effect on the tech rosta, but it is early days.

    TA manning is something else because they cannot generate the same readiness as regular units. Clearly they are important, but they cannot be used as early entry or speadhead troops but they are essential for sustaining capability long term.

    Policy is to get manning up to full strength. However I am aware of a paper being circulated looking at another trade review. 1 sort of Tech (there now but think wider with IS) 1 sort of operator and 1 sort of Command Support soldier doing line, ED, supply etc.

    Thats what I know but the new FAS announcements may change a thing or two.
  6. Are the Corps in a position to do this?

    Have we fully recovered from the last trade re-structureing? I'm sure it could work if its simply a "change of name" situation. But if were going to invite everyone back to Blandford for more courses its going to be a long drawn out affair (Think of an AS Operator who has to go back and do IS/RS). It'd take years.

    Is this based on what was said at an MCM brief, or is it your own perception of the MCM brief?

  7. Scotchsilk, did MCM make any indications as to how they were going to man 22 Sigs? or what the likely orbat would be?
  8. 4 weekends is pretty impressive! That's not too far off the length of the last Supvr IS course!!


  9. Took me one week plus an exntended weekend for my Class 2!
    (Followed by the 4 IS weekends) :twisted: