Trade Insults

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BPS666, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Given the fact that most have been subject to insults at one point or another and my personal desire to jump onto the PC gravy train I have decided to write to my MP and demand that certain insults be categorised as 'tradeism'. Now then, I am not after the usual Stamp Licker, Slop Jockey, Pet Mong, Trog, Fag Op stuff what I am looking for is 'in trade' stuff a la Rogers Profanisaurus Stylee.

    Blank End (noun, adj)- usually a victaulically grooved piece of alloy used in conjunction with a victaulic coupling to form a sealed section of pipe or to seal the end plates of fabric tanks. (alt) Description of a thick Pet Op.
    "His eyes burned into theirs like Jerricans on fire as they struggled to comprehend their 'in test' results. The instructor stood back and folded his arms before explaining that if they didn't want to turn out like the Blank End down the end of the corridor then they had better start fucking listening.

    So bring em on
  2. not sure the posties would want you :wink:
  3. Not exactly 'tradism' but close enough

    Leatherman/Gerber (noun, adj)- A compact, light tool, essentially a pair of pliers with other tools stored in the handles, and generally includes a knife, pliers, screwdriver and assorted other devices. Some tools from Leatherman/Gerber have as many as 20 tools and weigh up to 12.5 ounces (354 g), while others are smaller than a Swiss Army knife and weigh as little as 1.8 ounces (51 g).

    (euph) A tool.

    eg. "They keep calling me Gerber or Leatherman is it because I am useful?"
    "Er, no it's because you're a f***ing tool"
  4. Ahh, gotcher there sunshine! Does that make your adjacent office a 'tool box'?
  5. Pet Op Boots (Nounage) Boots as worn by Pet Ops whilst up to their conkers in West Moors Training Fluid and wheeled out with defiance at every muster parade, much to the SSM's amusement. Also descriptive of a storemans intelligence.

    "fuck me sideways, you stacker twat, you're about as bright as a Pet Ops boot on the RSM's muster!"

    "But Sarge, I didn't know you didn't actually mean for me to tell the OC to shove it up his arrse"
  6. Yes but true to tradition not all the tools are in it!!
  7. You know it! Most of the useful tools get left on site to go rusty!