Trade duration question

Discussion in 'REME' started by commodore_64, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Can some one enlighten me on how long it will take to complete each of the following REME trades?

    o Aircraft Technician
    o Avionics Technician
    o Electronics Technician
    o Vehicle Mechanic
    o Recovery Mechanic
    o Armourer
    o Metalsmith
    o Technical Support Specialist

    Also is this part of the phase 2? don't understand it :?
  2. It's all phase 2.

    Armr is approx 9 months.
    VM is about 6 months I think.
    Air Tech is 51 weeks
    TSS is approx 3 hours
  3. Google will give more info
  4. Have they added more modules to the course?
  5. Yeah, how to hold a pencil. That takes 2 hours.
  6. found cheers
  7. I assume that module is a tick in the box attendance course? Also, are they mad? Giving the TSS a pencil right away, no gradual build up from crayons?
  8. so during the 51 weeks phase 2 training are you still a Newerant?

    or is it after phase 1 you make Pte?

  9. What's a newerant?

    No, during phase 1 & 2 you will be a Craftsman (regardless of sex).

    I'm not sure if Smudge's timelines for tech are strictly true either, Air tech takes a lot longer than a year to go through.

    Your best bet to know exactly what's what on the electronics trades are to send a PM to Arrse90. If he's in a good mood (which is a bit rare since he's been shafted on posting and promotion) then he'll no doubt help out.
  10. I thought it was longer also. I assume the REME website I got it off could be wrong?
  11. Maybe mate. It might also be a bit of fanciful accounting. If you take all of the leave and days off away, half day Weds etc etc it may come to that time! I think that about the earliest you can leave Arbors is around 18 months but then Ive been out of there 4 months now and all things could have changed!
  12. 18 months sounds about right. I like the "creative accounting" idea. I wouldn't put it past them.
  13. You escaped?! Well done! :D
  14. dows anyone no anything about the armour's deployment on the frontline and there duties there

  15. You mean "armour" as in Tanks? Or did you mean "armourer" as in the REME trade of the Gods?