Trade Choices?



‘Crafty’ is a name for a Private in our Corps.
The Corps was formed at Alemein, in the last World War.

The Armourers with weapons, from around the World so wide,
But you must clean your rifle to ‘Gleam’, show some British pride.

The ‘Reccy Mechs’ are ready, they are so rough and tough,
Though when you go out drinking, don’t try to call their bluff.

The ‘Gun Fighters’ are called; they will meet you there at dawn,
They’re gonna be real early, with their brand new pieces drawn.

The Tels Techs and The Comms, The Radars and The Ecces,
Everyone of us so invidious, of the very high paid Techys.

The Metalsmith is bashing one out. No!! A hot piece of steel,
Or mending a bent Rover or a Warrior idler wheel.

The Storeman is stood stacking, his blankets one by one,
But he’ll learn to count in fives, when his promotion finally comes.

The Electrician a man, who’ll fix your Landrover,
And he’ll rewire your house, if beer you hand over.

The REME Air Tech, in his powder puff hat,
He’s a flop from the RAF and that is just that.

And then there’s the Shipwright, I’ve only met two,
He’ll mend your rubber dingy with some paper and some glue.

At nearly the end, there’s the old REME Blacksmith,
Are there any left, if your horse shoes go skewif?

And finally the one that I nearly forgot,
But actually the one I saved for this slot,
The lowly VM, the best trade of all,
Not much of a Welder, a Tels Tech at all,
A Reccy Mech, Blacksmith, a Shipwright not found,
But the duties of all are made more profound,
When the VM is stood there, out on the ground.

Cos whatever the Job, to the VM is no test,
Because as you’ve all guessed, MY trade is the


So I leave you alone, with this wide choice of trade,
In the Corps that out of adversity was made.
An apology for the Trades I forgot to include,
And the phased out ones, now on the shelf they are stood,
But let’s not forget that without the ‘Best Corps’,
The Army has no chance of fighting its wars.

‘ARTE ET MARTE’[/align]
At least you get a mention......

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