Trade choices - so many questions

Morning all,

I successfully appealed against a medical deferral and have also completed the BARB test (Score 70) last week so i'm now at the point where i have to choose a trade and i dont know where to start so i'm looking for some info on a few different trades from people in the know. It might help if i tell you what appeals to me about the army, first and foremost i want to learn a trade that i will be able to use after the 22 years (hopefully!!), a job where every day is different and possibly have postings abroad so i would also get the chance to see the world. Although a fat pay packet sounds nice its not essential, just a trade where its possible to progress and get promoted.

When i first handed in my application before being deferred my 3 choices were RMP, Intel or Signals. This has changed slightly, i have been told over and over that the RMP are generally considered to be the short fat arrogant types that get little respect from anyone. As naive as it may sound, and i have been told that i dont know what i'm getting myself in to but i want to see some action while serving and i'm worried that going in to Intel i will be far behind the scenes. Is this true?

Having talked to the Army careers advisor the other trades that sounds interesting are - Aircraft Technician, Avionics Technician, Ammunition Technician and Medic.

For people with information or past experience with these trades do they fit with what i listed above, e.g. postings abroad, good prospects etc.

Obviously a massive decision to make so any advise would be appreciated

Thanks for the advice all :lol:

Another question, might get a bit more luck

If i were to join as Air Technician or Avionics Tech would i be able to get trained with the special forces (bit of action) as they are telling me?
If you join as an Air tech you will have the choice of postings - Watisham, Afghan, Dishforth, Afghan, Watisham, Afghan...................As for training with special forces, you could do P Coy and further extend your choices of posting to...............Watisham

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