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Hey guys, Im joining the Sappers and yea I was wondering whether anyone could provide any info on the following trades: General Fitter and Plumbing & Heating, just want to know what phase two training is like for these trades and what the training involves, cheers any info would be class thx ( off to the RSC soon hopefully pass selection and the damn maths test) cheers
Don't be a driver or a signaller. Not very good trades, you get shat on a fair bit and don't really get much diversity. If you want to have a trade that you will practice all the time I recomand plant operator mechanic or fitter (general). You get your artic license out of both and in all squadrons you have a support troop that specialise in those trades. Most of the other trades eg brickie, chippie etc only really do their trade on tour. For the most time they are just combat engineers, not that there is anything wrong with that but they do get skill fade quite quickly.
Go Fitter!!

All the chicks dig fitters coz we're so flexible, have big tools and can get into all the tight spots!!

(Or plantie if ya like to hit stuff with a hammer)

"If I can't fix it it ain't broken!"
Me 1991
I like hammers... the bigger the better.... and hitting stuff too! Any trade where accuracy is measured in meters has got to be the way ahead.
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