Trade Change?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by re0790, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. I'm starting my phase 1 is Sept (for the Sappers). If when i'm there i decide i want to change my selected trade can I do it? :?
  2. yerr you should be able to speak with your training team, in week 10 of phase 1 you should travel to minley to see what your phase 2 alpha will be like and there i think you speak to your PSO and he will allow you to change if there aint a problem.
  3. Cheers mate. didn't wanne be stuck doing something i didn't like.
  4. Are you a junior entry? If you are you going to bassingbourn in September.
  5. No afraid not mate. I'm to old by half a month to go to bassingbourn which is a bit of a shitter. I going to ATR Lichfield in September instead. Wot u going in?
  6. RE as a joiner what you doing.
  7. RE as an armoured engineer. how long does your basic last for.
  8. 20-22 weeks basic in Bassingbourn then 10 weeks combat engineer training in Minley I think then 30 weeks trade training in Chatam. How longs yours ?
  9. 14 weeks at Lichfield, 10 weeks at Minley and then 17 weeks at Bovington. Wot day in September u going to Bassingbourn?
  10. why the hell choose that trade and now you want to change it.....some of you idiots need to sit down and have hard thoughts about what you really want before doing it........
  11. True that ^^
  12. Oh come on guys, give them a break

    what would you rather, they join and change trade, or join cant change trade so leave?

    and be honest, how many of us knew the ins and outs of our trades before we joined up?
  13. Yeah but how do I no I don't like driving tanks and blowing up mine fields when iv never done it before. its not whether i like it or not, its whether theres the oppurtunity to do other things and not do armd engineer for the whole length of my army career. But im happy with my choice now after posting a similar thread on the sappers, and getting decent advice.
  14. how the fk do u know if you would like it if you have never done it???? like i said think about what you want to do first......thats like joining the army and turning round and saying i dont like the idea of killing people!!
  15. As far as I know Armoured Engineer is a Specialist trade, meaning it's an additional trade to achieve and not a primary trade.