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I recently left the NZ army to join the Brit army (Spent 6 years in the nz army and never left nz and that's not what I joined the army for...) Currently living in london and fighting the paperwork war to get in. Anyway I want to join as a RE fitter general (I was RNZE back in NZ). At the moment the recruiter has basically offered me the position as fitter general (conditional on passing the adsc of course). The bad news is that there isn't an opening til Jan 2010. He said some other RE trades would have openings sooner but to be honest that is the only one I really want to do. I'm quickly getting sick of civvy life so I was thinking if I was to take another trade, do my phase one and two training and talk to the OC about changing trade before I start phase 3 training would that be likely to work. Would they throw you in a combat engineer troop until the next fit gen course started - or should I just be patient and wait til next year.
I would say that there is a possibility of changing trades when you pass through you Combat Engineer Training by speaking to the PSAO however this is not certain as the Corp can be very stubern at times. A fitter is a good trade within the Corp however once reaching Cpl as a fitter general it is very difficult for them to progress as there is limited SNCO places within the corp, if you have not done all your combat engineer cse. You will need to concider doing Combat Engineer Cse as you progress throigh your career and taking Field troop slots, if you want to reach those dizzy heights. As you are probably aware when you are selected to do your a1 cse you can select to do other fitter cse such as Pet Fitter. Good luck
Thanks for the advice - anyone else want to venture a 2nd opinion?
Looks like I can get in for september as a fabricator which would be my 2nd choice anyway. Just not sure what the likelihood of being able to tradechange before I even start my trade would be. I don't know if I should talk to the recruiter about that as it might be frowned upon.
I was already qualified as a civvy plumber when I joined up and was told I was going to be a plumber in the mob, I joined up to do something different , so asked if I could change trades when I got to my first unit which they did and ended up as a C and J
But that was nearly 20 years ago now so thing may have changed a tad :D
Well sounds like a plan - I'll tell the recruiter fabricator then. When do you think would be the best time to ask if I can change that to fitter? Start of phase 2 training? Worst case scenario, fabricator doesn't sound like a bad choice anyway and I suspect in either trade you won't spend much of your career doing your trade

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