Trade camp - what to expect

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jan_van_Riebeek, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys

    I am about to go on my first trade camp. Unlike my CMS(R) course, I have received very little info on what to expect. I am doing the Royal Signals technician camp.

    Anyone got any top tips on things to take. I have been told bergan, webbing, helmet, sleeping bag and 1 set of uniform. However I have also been told that there is a test phase in the field involved. Now obviously the kit I would take for 2 weeks of classroom work is very different to what I would take if it involves a week in the field. Field work would include buffalo, waterproof bags etc etc.

    No-one mentioned PT kit either, but surely there would be some phys during 2 weeks? Also do I need loads of classroom supplies like notepads and stationary. And will the evening be free or really busy? Worth taking a laptop?

    Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
  2. lube

    lots of lube :p

    I don't know tbh for Support Arms, but for any cadre type camp the usual applies. Unless told otherwise, gear yourself up with plenty of sturdy notebooks big enough to be easily used in a classroom environment (and a rite-in-the-rain jobbie for fieldwork for frequencies, Orders, and lessons in the field). Plenty of pens, pencils, a ruler, eraser and make sure you bring a sharpner if you don't get a few of those gucci auto-pencils.

    It's usually a good idea for guys on the cadre to group together and knock out in advance bringing things like a few laptops and printers as there's no point in having 15 laptops and 15 porta printers and other crap. An extension lead is a good idea also for the hundreds of laptop leads and mobile chargers that'll appear. A laminator is another good idea for TAM inserts or CEI templates (although I'm not Sigs, so dunno what is done by a sigs tech, or what they'd need to jot down in a hurry). Fablon comes in handy also.

    For field work, a field smock, 2nd choice trousers, good boots, softie, shamagh, red light torch with spare batts, an LED headtorch comes in handy too for non tac tuition and milling about.

    Ref what you've been told, it's basic stuff. PLCE and issue uniform etc. That's pretty obvious. If possible speak to an NCO who you know will be DSing or assisting the course, and ask them what you'll need or should try and get your hands on, OVER AND ABOVE what the obvious is (webbing, helmet etc). That way you'll get a clearer answer.

    Ref nights, it really depends on the cadre subject, the training team and the level of students involved. Some cadres are very easy going, finishing at teatime, while some are subject-heavy and tend to mean evening lessons to fit all the required matter in. You really won't know til you get there or get your hands on a training timetable for it (in your joining instructions if you get them?). And ALWAYS, ALWAYS have PT kit. Even if it's not on the timetable, there's no reason why if you get the chance you shouldn't go out for a run or tab under your own steam?
  3. Why not believe what you've been told then?

    Surely you're coming from a sigs unit if you're doing this course? Therefore, why not ask one of the spotty, pasty faced, overpromoted, jumped up cunts from your unit, who's done the course before?
  4. Gaz thanks for the info, a lot of that info sounds quite appropriate for what I did at my CMS(R) but will no doubt be relevant. I think I will err on the side of caution and take more than needed, rather than pitch up and say "well no one told me to bring that". RE PT kit I like to keep fit myself so was going to take some stuff just to keep ticking over. I am guessing there wont be a gym/pool at these places.

    tiffy, I would ask but there is only one other tech in my unit and he did his course 4 years or so ago. So not really any up to date info on this.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I'd ask for a copy of the joining instructions.

  6. You not the Pardre are you?
  7. Phys unlikely, yep stationary. Most on here are from 2 Sig Bde so unlikely to answer your question. If you are, then your on a week course and take loads of pro-plus and expect late finishes and then revising in the bar.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    StationAry? Is it Ptarmigan ;)

  9. Take lot's of Stationary as said, PT kit just in-case...... but no gym or pool and expect to be woking solid for the whole couse. There should be a field exercise also...... When your not learning your revising...