Trade camp@ swynerton 9th - 18th November

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blueflossy, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone else from here was going and for all those EXPERIENCED people.........any advice!
  2. Don't go out on the piss, get some studying done (and then maybe a beer or two afterwards). Roads are a bit dark, so not good for running.

    Civilisation is also remote so take plenty of cash and fags if you smoke. The cookhouse does have a cash machine but its £1.20 per withdrawal.
  3. I like it, food has been greatly improved over the last year, accomodation a little outdated though and the bunks have a ridicilous amount of headroom on the bottom bunk so be sure to take a smaller teddy. The assualt course is good and plenty of long dark roads.
  4. You should try the food at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh. Breakfast brill, dinner average and tea - third world slops and to take the piss its PAYD.

    Anyone else on this camp next week, so far its two students from this site and some instructors........

    p.s. revealing my name = fail
  5. whats the schedule like! is there gonna be time to use the gym(i heard there was one) or is it a study study study test test test thing?!

    I like to be good at stuff but some time a girl needs to release tension! and if the roads are not good then there must be another way??
  6. My instructions says their is one but it must be smaller than a classroom.

    Lessons start at 0800 and finish at .......... 2000, with plenty of breaks. Hardest day/night looks to be Saturday with BATCO after tea. I'm planning on an optional/remedial lesson on my night lesson
  7. Can't remember seeing a gym at swynerton, infact can't remember seeing **** all apart from billets, long roads and fog!
  8. Anything else to note? Such as gucci equipment not on the list that might help a bit?
  9. Of course Polar.............. i can't name you as i do not know you! but maybe i'll find out...................
  10. BF

    you may be doing a field ex we did on my Class 3 and it was bloody cold so take some winter warmers for your use it will be needed.

    take a good pencil case being a student you will know how you best take notes, so take plenty of stuff to make notes with.

    take plenty of pencils for doing the JMH (joint message handling) as it should be done in Pencil, Highlighters etc

    be prepared for tests you will have quite a few during the week just to make sure the instructors are teaching it right basically

    Keep you chin up take some moral or a sense of humour you will be fine
  11. When I was there, there was a gym [it was fairly small], although you had to wait for a gym induction before you could actually use it (probably half-way through the week, at a time you can't make due to lessons). There were a few run routes around, but it'll be dark by the time you get out... Ask the guard room for advice on a run-route, and do some routes with a buddy. If you get bored of running, do some interval training and mix in some press-ups and sit-ups!

    Things to bring;
    A couple of years ago there was no NAAFI open and no washing machines. (Although there was a newsagents nearby, and a laundrette in town). Disappointingly the laundrette was closed before you were released from lessons in the evening (unless you're an ED and your day finishes with an hour long brew break at 3pm!). I'd bring some cleaning stuffs for you to wash your C95s in the sinks ...
    If you've got a laptop, it's great for note-taking (if you're that way inclined) ... the DS may even be happy for you to transfer some of the powerpoints onto your computer, if you bring a CD or USB stick [but you'd better ask Polar?], and a laptop's always great for a bit of RnR if you stick on some music or a DVD.
    A kettle?
    As Watto says, plenty of stationery (for both note-making and revision). Make sure you've got A4 pads, and not the issued pocket books ... you'll fill a pocket pad up in half a day!

    Hope this helps.

    Which trade will you be learning?
  12. Swynnerton camp is also the european/foriegn driving training centre for the area so it's all re-signed for driving on the right - and everyone does.

    Watch out when your running!

    Other than that it's as dull as ditchwater apart from the bunkers.
  13. Ha I'm doing this for a second trade. See you there BF.
  14. Shes managed to get on the internet and can write in English, so shes definatley not an ED and no techs are on the camp.

    Why? Struggling with the operator trade?
  15. ha very good. No, I just like to know how things work, and seen as ops need generators I'd like to know how to fix them :p