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Howdy, I've been trying to find some info on the chippy trade assessment at Chatham but I've hit a wall. I'm at Gib at the moment doing my B3 and I've asked my training staff and PSO to no avail. Basically all I know is its 4-6 weeks to come out as a class 1. Does anyone of the Arrse community know what the chippy assessment involves? Its been a while since collage and I'm rough round the edges as to the correct standards of a chippy (Been on site for 6 years, got a few bad habits) so a heads up on the details of the course will make my revision easier. And I have looked around the site for info again, can't see anything.

Cheers for any information.
If the PSO at gib is still ssgt D**** then you've got more chance of finding a self respecting lass from chatham than getting help off that tube.
No he is an officer, good bloke too. Sorted me out a treat with regards to my trade switch.
Youll go to the chippy shop make some crap to get your skills back upto speed.Once there happy youll do a test piece which could be a panelled frame with a curved arch. (Think four small raised panels in a frame with the bottom rail being curved)Its all done by hand and you have so many hours to do it. And Mr Tiplers still a cock of the highest order, so put plenty of sweeteners in his tea as he's diabetic and with any luck it may kill the miserable old shit!
That doesn't sound too bad, I thought it would be a sucking eggs kinda jobby. Cheers for that, sounds like a breeze.
It is, a bit.
But you'll do a class 2 test piece first which was a louvre door but you only do a section about 2' square, (think side rail centre rail so the mortice, bottom panel, again raised and shaped by hand then a few louvres.
If that goes well then you'll just do bits and bobs of practices.
Its been a while since my accuracy and finesse with my work has been tested. Not much pride goes into throwing up studwork and truss roofs, ill have to practice a few joints when I can. By the way you describe it, it does sound like its more joinery based than 1st fix which is a musty memory from my collage days, especially a louvre door. But if I managed it as a useless spotty teenage lad it should be fine, cheers again for the heads up I take it you went through the assessment then?
Did the A2 as a boy at Chepstow then the A1 at Chatham dunno how much has changed but you'll never use it again lol so don't forget them studwork skills lol
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