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Their combat gear was ready, and helicopter transport was only about one minute’s walk away.
So Rickshaws have finally succumbed to progress in Asia? The modern world, eh?

As for tracking, spend a Saturday afternoon with a Gamekeeper up on the moors. Shut up, and listen. Then buy him a beer.

One supposes they still have Tuk-Tuks?


Training Team Brunei (who run jungle training) has been developing this for a couple of years. It has taken the basic skill of tracking as a method of pursuit, and developed it into a broader "ground sign awareness" skill, which is applicable to current theatres for Force Protection, counter IED, post incident exploitation etc. Although TTB also teaches jungle skill, the environment in Brunei allows this to be applied in rocky, semi arid, urban environments and not just jungle.

Some units going to HERRICK are putting individuals through the tracking course, and OPTAG is looking at putting some sort of ground sign awareness and exploitation into PDT.


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Is 'Bribing the Tuk-Tuk Driver To Tell You The Score' part of this course?

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