Tracking vehicles using a Mobile phone

I've been thinking on ways to track a vehicle that has been stolen.

There are off the shelf systems like Tracker but they are very expensive. I believe that it is possible to track the signal from a mobile phone as long as the thing is turned on.

If you had a PAYG mobile set up in a vehicle and the vehicle was then stolen would it be possible for the Police to track the vehicles location?
Makro are selling a vehicle tracker kit which sends the location to your phone. Only about £125, on offer .
Re them tracking your phone in a car, cell mast triangulation is hit and miss. It will sometimes give an area 1KM radius.

Plus it's about £500 a time to get phone companies to do it. They certainly would do it for a stolen car.
Isn't the window of opportunity only as long as the battery life? Invest in a Tracker, if your bike's worth a lot, why scrimp on a bodge like a PAYG?


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bluntslane said:
if your bike's worth a lot,
Who mentioned bikes? Nobody gives a toss if bikes get nicked, apart from the parents of the kid who's bike got nicked. Spend £100 in Halfords and get over it. Jesus.

Right. Buy a PAYG mobile. Have it tracked - its free to register online, and you only pay a tenner when you engage the tracker, that is, when your car isn't where you left it.

Hide the phone somewhere, like under the dash. Wire in the car charger so its always charged.

The tracker system will get you to within 1km, so poodle about with your mates and their crowbars in the back, look for your motor.

Twat the Pikeys who have nicked your car.

Or pay £500 and let the Busies have all he fun.

Your choice.
Some one on the Self Build forum sent me this link - any thoughts apart from the fact that it is stinking cheap. The technology is clever but the manufacture of this type of device must now be affordable?

GPS tracker link.
Verilocation do it for peanuts, accurate to within 50 metres.

I used it to catch the ex. Unfortunately it sends a text message to tell the user that they are being tracked so she used it back against me 10 fold. Turns out my phone has a "text blocking" function that will, as it says on the tin, block texts from certain numbers. I never realised she was that clever till I got the whole rundown of where every tart I had been delivering to was presented to me.

I've now got a PAYG in my car wired to the internal electrics and hidden in the boot (charger a fiver from Ebay) and just have to send a text or make a call each month to keep it current. Whole cost around 30 quid (got the phone from Asda on their own tariff for 20 quid)

Have signed the two eldest sprogs mobiles up to it (it's part of the deal if they want me to pay the bill) and will sign the little one up to it when he hits Ten and is allowed a mobile, as well as my own phone in case I lose it.

In practice it is accurate from anything between 0 feet and a couple of hundred feet, depending upon the coverage in the area. I've just pinged mine and it got me within 3 houses.
I get a very good discount on my Insurance for haveing a "Phantom" tracker fitted to my Camper van but it cost the best part of a grand

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