Tracking Using a Mobile Phone

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pyrogenica, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. There's a subscription service available where you can track a person's movements using the signals from their GSM mobile phone. Problem is that the servicce insists that they notify the target by text and request their consent, so it's useless for most purposes (and expensive)

    Someone sent me a link to an alternative service that appears to work extremely well. You have to enter the international code first, so for a UK number you have to drop off the first digit and prefix with 44 (e.g. 02079 115555 becomes 442079 115555)

    Link here:
    shortcut here:

    Click "search and away you go
  2. found me :D
  3. pmsl... love the opening 'advert' for the link

    Yee haa!!!
  4. Excellent!
  5. least I didn't open it at work!!!
  6. I think this has been done on here before im in work so i cant double check myself
  7. Excellent way to collect mobile numbers for phone spammers - hence why I put in the number of someone I do not like.
  8. ha ha ha nice one fella.
  9. Brilliant link there, nice find.
  10. ...that's put a Cat among the Pigeons.... :D
  11. I used my business number, at least i might sound busy :D :D