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Tracking someone down

Hello everyone how are you all.

I'm simply inquiring about a person who was in the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars in the 1980s and early 1990s. He was an SNCO and probably known to all who served with him, having done many Op tours. The reason I wish to know is because he is currently head of my CCF and is retiring at the end of this year. And it would be good to present him with a photo (or copy of one) or letter or plaque or something that he was involved with.

Obviously I don't want to mention his name on a public forum but anyone who was in the regiment during that time could reply or PM me and I'll chat to them through the PMs to exchange info.

Thanks alot.

Hi Panoptes,
Intrigued, I left QRIH in 1987 , any clues you can give using veiled speech would be appreciated.

Check your PMs Nosferatu.

Can I reiterate thanks to all those who've looked at the post and any info on where to get QRIH gifts from this era anything would be great.



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