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Merry Christmas one an all.
Looks like the kids have shit out this year. Santa stopped at Ely then shot across to Wales.


Just for that, I'll go down and eat his mince pie, guzzle his sherry and put Rudolph's carrot back in the veg rack.


When I was little 'Norad tracks Santa' confused me, as I had heard bad things about them from my parents and wondered why the baddies were keeping tabs on Santa. I thought they were going to blow him up or something just so we couldn't get our presents and I remember being very worried I would wake up on christmas morning to news that the fat bloke had karked it.

Turns out I was getting Norad mixed up with Noraid! oooops :)

Merry Christmas deviants :santa:


Wow! I've not seen that since last year.....and the year the before, oh, and the year before that.
I managed to annoy a few people on that Facebook thing by adding the following status.

Dear children, Santa is not real. It is actually your parents who provide your gifts and they secretly hate you for having to spend all their money on some Chinese made crap.
Apparently their kids read their facebook.
Went round to me daughters yesterday morning. 6 year old grandson, whilst turning the house into a shredded wrapping paper site of special significance, asked: "Did Father Christmas come to your house as well granddad?" I replied in the affirmative. "And did Rudolf shit on your lawn as well?"


"Well daddy says he was up at 6 this morning clearing reindeer crap off the lawn."

Cough, cough.
Think Santa got pissed off in Texas and the season of goodwill ended...................
Texas shooting: Gunman 'dressed as Santa' killed family

Investigators say no-one was found alive in the blood-spattered home
The gunman who shot dead six relatives before killing himself at a family Christmas celebration in Texas was dressed as Santa Claus, police say.

Investigators found four women and three men, aged 15 to 59, dead among unwrapped presents and Christmas decorations in the flat's living room.

Two handguns were also recovered at the scene in the city of Grapevine, near Dallas, on Sunday.

Investigators do not know what prompted the killings.

Grapevine police Lieutenant Todd Dearing told the BBC that the suspected shooter was a 56-year-old man.

He said the gunman's victims were aged 15, 19, 22, 55, 58 and 59.

No-one was found alive at the home.

Sgt Robert Eberling: "It's the worst investigation we've had in many years"
Grapevine police spokesman Sergeant Robert Eberling said the shooter had been wearing a Santa outfit.

"By all appearances, they're all part of the same family," he told Reuters news agency.

The identities of the dead will be released after post-mortem examinations.

Mayor William Tate said in a statement: "The fact that it happened on Christmas makes it even more tragic."
I don't mind him taking out the unbelievers, but he's left us in the shit for next year.
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