tracking down the freeholder

When I bought my flat 5 years ago the old dear who I bought it from still had the free hold. We haven't heard from her since and now its time to sell up we don't know where she's gone and it would be very helpful to track hear down. Dose any one here know how I would go about this as one or to of you have the "skills" . Any help would be very helpful.
You should have contact details for the freeholder on the bills for ground rent and service charges, or see if one of the neighbours have the details, if these don't say who the freeholder is, you can ask whoever the payment is made out to. Alternatively, you can contact the Land Registry to find out who the registered freeholder is. Or your solicitor will be able to find out who it is. You should also think about an indemnity policy, your conveyancing solicitor should be able to sort that out for you.

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