Tracking down my Granddad

Many years ago before I was 10, my granddad died. I never got the chance to find out about his military service. It always seemed impolite to bring the subject up around my Gran. However she recently passed away and I asked my Mum who was sorting the documents to keep an eye out for any relevant information (there are a few Photo's of him and his Unit, but no visible insignia).

Some bits and pieces have turned up, but Google is letting me down, due to the size of the regiment he was part of during WWII. They had Battalions and formations all over the place.

I'm trying to work out where he went and which battles he saw. The information I have is his regiment, name, DOB, and place of birth.

So are there any search tools or contacts for the Lancashire Fusiliers, which might give me the details I'm after?

I know he was in Burma for some of the time, and my Mum said that she remembers him mentioning the Chindits. Now weather this was because he knew someone in unit or he was in them himself she didn't know.

Many thanks.
2nd Infantry Division (United Kingdom) in Wikipedia then click on the link to Lancashire Fusiliers and from there click on to BUrma Campaign both in Wikipedia. It will give you something of the backdrop.

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