Tracking down a mate.

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Hi all,

I'm new etc..., first post etc... be kind and helpful or rip me to pieces at your leisure.
Anyway I'm looking to track down an old mate I knew from school. I last saw him about 11 years ago.
I'm 99% certain his dad was in the wonderful intelligence corps but I have no idea how to go about tracking him down.
I'm also not sure what info I should put on here because obviously I don't want to break the whole OPSEC protocol thing.
Apart from names and rank I know where the family was posted to after I met them and also the one after that but thats about it.
The main question is is anyone going to a) be able to help and possibly more importantly, b) willing to.
Much obliged

I'm afraid you are on a hiding to nothing over this.
Try" Friends Reunited " they also have a section you can search military regiment/corps etc...
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