Tracking 1132

Hi lads does anybody know the process to track your 1132 SFA Application dont mean to sound like a mutant but im getting shredders with it trying to find it in JPA and Defence Intranet.
Yeah on DII it's the other mailbox below your role email. The HASC should have emailed you a link to set up an account so you can view your application. Just been through the process myself! If there's nothing on there just give them a ring, I found my local office fairly helpful.

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If they ahven't emailed you then you can track your application and any progress online. Just log on to the original site where you first submitted your application.

I use the word 'progress' in a loose sense because they have been utterly useless as making any progress with my application. I keep getting messages saying that nothing is available and the matter has been passed onto a different department for resolution within 14 days. Needless to say that after the allotted 14 days absolutely nothing has happened. I think that by now they must secretly enjoy our daily chats on the phone.
No they didnt set me up with an account a had to supply details for ma yahoo account. Its a total nightmare trying to move these days with loads of different departments. Somebody needs sacked for changing the system

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