Track Rash

While my squadron was helping out on the CATT trial not long ago, I found myself very close to a couple of dismounted infantry. So close, in fact, that with a little bit of left-stick, my driver got to notch up a few kills. :)

After all the fun, there was some debate as to whether on not this is against the Law of Armed Conflict. :-[

Does anyone know whether I'm a virtual War Criminal? ???
In battlefield 1942 (PC Game) you can track rash everyone.   Hours of fun !!!!!!!!!

You can also track rash the bots in Medal Of Honour !!!

 ;) ;)
Not in the actual MOH game though....

Hang on, do you mean on the "King Tiger" level?

Also, I know there are some mods out , that enable you to drive various tanks etc.

What setup are you using for BF1942?

Yes the "King Tiger" level.  Could not remember the level ....  just the fun  ;D

Do you mean what system setup or what config within the game for 1942 ??
Both Gundulf, I can't get the Demo to work on this....

Dell 700 320mB memory, 32MB video card....

Hmmmm the card might be the problem, but it seems to run Spearhead fine.....
Sounds like it could be your Graphics as I had a similar problem with a 32MB card so had to buy a Geforce 4

Suggest Nvidia 64MB DDR Geforce4  440MX PC World price £69.99 I think.
Cheers Gun, looks like PC world this weekend :)
Depends on if they were on your side or not.

"Driver, tracks, troops. Drive and adjust" is a by the book US command.

You can legally bury them alive in their trenches with a bulldozer, I see nothing wrong with running them over in a tank.

You can run the crunchies over in Steel Beasts as well, BTW.

I tried ´swatting´a couple of Inf with my 120mm on power traverse in REAL TIME,Dive Down Roll,Run like Fcuk.....................the Commanders foot in my kidneys took the maliciuos grin off my mug pretty quick! :)

TRACK RASH............wear it like a MAN!! :twisted:
Watch out, there is a new version of the game where you can get turret rash too!!
I was in Batus once, well many time, and during an attack the Irish Rangers decided it would be fun to lay down all of their fire on my poor little chieftain as apposed to the objective, so one or two of them in your tracks aint no loss. Oh and the way I stopped them firing on me was to traverse the main armament onto them while it was loaded, the safety staff had a heart attack and went loopy.
There's a cracking case of track rash in the film "Beast of War". Soviet tank crew in Afghanistan squish a dushman really quite flat!

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