Tracing Usernames

Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by StabTiffy2B, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. I've had a quick scan about, but cannot find this in another thread.

    Can you have a different name on the arrsepedia, to your arrse name?

    Someone has put something on there, but dosen't appear to exist on arrse :?
  2. Link?
  3. Yes - this is possible
    You need to register AGAIN to use the ARRSEPEDIA & you can (although we frown upon it) register any name you like.



    EDIT : I'm guessing you're referring to this page? If so, wouldn't it be better to correct the errors (Just click on the EDIT button on the page), rather than leave 'amusing' comments? This is, after all how the ARRSEPEDIA is designed to work.
  4. ST2B - you can always use the Discussion tab on your page (or any other page) to comment on changes you have noticed &/or corrected.

    Have a look at mine. Means you can keep the main page more or less as wanted whilst still being able to publicly "vent your spleen" on any miscreants.
  5. Seems a bit odd. Why would it be allowed? Seems to me that the only people who would do this would be trolls? Or am I being really naive?
  6. The database which controls the wiki is entirely separate from the main site - therefore it cannot compare from one to the other.