Tracing Paper causes £5million of damage to HMS Trafalgar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by deSTABlised, May 23, 2008.

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  1. How has it gone so wrong?

    I have read books about the fabled RN 'Perisher' sub commander course, and they presented RN sub drivers as facking nails superhumans who we should justly be proud of, who crossed swords with Ivan on a regular basis throughout the cold war; winning the battle of nerves under the icy Barents Sea. It seems standards may have slipped Clicky. 8O

    This has to be the dumbest and least successful cost-cutting exercise I've heard of.
  2. Oh...Navy again....

    RemeMber that time they lost a device off of Felixstowe? :D
  3. Remember the subs that the Canadians were SO satisfied with???

    :D :D
  4. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Now, now...could have been worse.....could have surrendered to passing gulls, seals, whales and other arbitary denizens of the deep.
  5. So the crew in the RIB that got captured by the Iraqis had a map drawn on tracing paper?
  6. Getting some third-hand gen, Perisher students are deliberately made to do the basics 'on tracing paper'

    its not a cost cutting exercise...

    ....but basically a way of ensuring that future Jean-Luc Picards can manage a Nuclear Sub with zero help, at the worst of times.

    They each get an iPod for passing the course :p
  7. Yes, they were really enamoured with the cracks in the hulls - it gave their shipyards something to while away the hours with.

    Weren't they going to sue at one point?

    edited to add

    This is what ACTUALLY happened to the HMCS Chicoutimi.

  8. That is so riddled with incorrect terminology I have grave doubts over it's accuracy. Some in Canada made a great hue and cry about suing the UK MoD etc. However, I understand, but wait to be corrected, that the subsequent investigation found no fault with the submarine.
  9. declassified photo of Perisher training course revealed:

  10. :? The way I read it, they've used tracing paper so the chart doesn't get covered in scrawl, which they do if you plot your position fixes and DR; presumably the idea of some cleanfreak who hates having eraser rubbings on his plot table. The answer is to not lean so hard on the pencil and use an eraser now and then! Granted charts are paper and wear out periodically, but £30 saved against £5million lost? The dangers of overlaying on the chart have been amply demonstrated; just because it's usual practise doesn't stop it being a bad idea. You don't want to add to the navigation hazards when you're rockhopping, especially when you're underwater. :slow:
  11. As was reported in the press - as I linked to and enboldened.

    The Canucks were definately not impressed with the deal they got and whinged royally.
  12. Never having been in the Navy, I cant argue with you...

    ...but they way I understood it was that the C&C systems were deliberately shut down to simulate a massive problem

    Having been personally instructed never to mark a map, they too may have had genuine reaons for useing 'tracing paper' overlays?

    Lastly, when ever have our glorious media every been dispassionate or fair with their reporting?
  13. Sven's reference is cack, the canucks had a deck hatch open at sea; a wave broke over the casing, poured down the hatch and soaked an HV distro board, which displayed it's displeasure by bursting into flames. End of. There were many servicability issues caused by the long lay-up period, but the fire was not one of them.

    If anything, the Upholders were too good; the goldplated spec meant they cost more than any other diesel sub in NATO, plus as with all good MOD procurement they went over budget. I've never read any complaints about their performance during their brief RN service.

    I suspect it was a cost thing as much as anything else; cheaper to set aside a diesel boat for training than a SSN.
  14. DBLoggie

    The story checks out to be from the Sligo Weekender.

    The Board of Enquiry says that repair were being carried out to the vent in the conning tower lid (is that the hatch). Is it a common fault?

    Here is the Guardian report

  15. One very basic thought:

    Has no one ever heard of Mylar or acetate sheets FFS??
    Not quite as cheap as tracing paper but still one hell of a lot cheaper than a nuke.

    Surprised to hear all Captain Fancy got was a reprimand. Should have been sent to the beach. I am sure he will never drive more than a desk for the balance of his career and that career will be short but still. In USN a collision is career ending (other than the one in 80's where the captain got medal, promation to squadron command and eventually a flag)